Software Rapid Testing Facilitates Reduction of Weld Lines

Moldex 3D says that the latest version of Moldex3D plastics engineering simulation software enables users to speed up the design-to-analysis cycle.
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CoreTech System Co., Ltd. (Moldex3D), a provider of plastics simulation solutions, announces the availability of Moldex3D R16, the latest version of its plastics simulation software. Moldex3D R16 advances processing speed, enabling faster filling and packing simulation results by 2030 percent. In addition, users benefit from a new flow analysis solution, which can reduce the time it takes to determine the best gating location, accelerating the design-to-analysis cycle to speeds that are 15 times faster. With the new flow analysis Quick Flow, users can rapidly test multiple gating iterations to meet deadlines and quickly apply the optimal gate location to a regular flow analysis for in-depth validation and optimization. This makes it possible for users to effectively minimize weld lines in the early analysis stage, saving time and effort spent on running a gate location analysis, especially when analyzing large parts.