Range of Aluminum Alloys on Display

Ellwood Specialty Steel has a range of aluminum alloys on display at Amerimold, including Alumold 500.
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Ellwood Specialty Steel now supplies aluminum mold alloys. The company has 5083, 6061, 7021 and Alumold 500 in stock. Ellwood has in thicknesses for these alloys ranging to 42 inches and everything in between. Ellwood says that designing molds with aluminum offers the benefits of higher thermal conductivity for shorter cycle times and faster build machining which leads to lower costs for the mold user. 


  • Aluminum Welding

    The use of aluminum tooling is becoming more common. Choosing the right wire and the right welding technique will produce the most effective mold repair.

  • Reaching the Next Level of Efficient Machining

    Clamping devices can help to achieve fast and efficient mold plate and cavity/core insert changes during machining.

  • How to Bridge the Gap with Aluminum Tooling

    Whether you call it bridge tooling, soft tooling, pilot production, semi-production or aluminum production tooling, it still refers to producing pre-production quantities of plastic products with potential final part volumes in the millions.