Platform Facilitates Product Launches

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Octex announces the release of Launchpad, which enables customers to compose and control the entire launch process. With Launchpad, customers experience streamlined, time-sensitive launch processes, prototype tooling and proof of concept, testing and verification, continuous improvement and process optimization and as much as a 65-percent reduction in critical pathway schedules. Customers get the full support and tactical readiness of the Advanced Team—a singular unit comprised of experts in all stages of advanced manufacturing, science, engineering and business. The Advanced Team works in lock step with department heads in engineering, tooling, metrology, QA, production and technology to monitor in real time every aspect of the launch process. Software-defined project tracking algorithms place metrics on all critical stage levels in every phase, enabling the team to proactively monitor and respond to all project scenarios. Having all facilities and capabilities for a complete product launch on institute eliminates transit time, communication problems and loss of fidelity. Customers experience 75 percent reduction in tooling qualification, 75-percent reduction in pre-production process development and 75-percent reduction in validation.