Micro End Mills Offer Longer Tooling Life

Available in solid carbide and CBN designs, Emuge Corp.’s new product is designed for high precision and difficult materials.


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Emuge micro end mills for longer-lasting milling

Emuge Corp. offers its new micro end mills product for a wide range of applications, such as die and mold, medical and more. The micro end mills feature a patented neck design with up to 10 times the diameter, enabling reach into deep contours. For optimal machining performance, the mills offer a high radial bending strength that withstands alternating stress on the cutting edge and relieved neck.  The product additionally offers HSC finishing of 2D and 3D contours, and are offered in square, ball nose and torus end types. Featuring a short, stable cutting geometry, the end mills are available in solid carbide and CBN designs.

The solid carbide micro end mills are designed for high precision machining applications up to 55 HRC, and can machine small engravings, electrodes, components and cavities with varying depths. For heat and wear resistance, the end mills have a PVD-applied thin film ALCR coating which results in long tool life. Ball nose and torus solid carbide end mills provide high accuracy dimensional tolerances of ±5 µm. The solid carbide end mills are available with neck lengths of 2.2 by d1, 5 by d1 and 10 by d1 and a cutting diameter of 0.2 to 2 millimeters.

Emuge CBN micro end mills offer increased tool life for high precision, accurate machining applications up to 66 HRC.  The end mills produce highly polished surface finishes without the need for rework. The CBN micro end mills are available with neck lengths of 1.5 by d1, 3 by d1 and 4.5 by d1, as well as a range of cutting diameters from 0.3 to 2 millimeters.