One-Stop Shop Mold Surface Repair Services

High Tech Laser & Polishing is ideal for a wide offering of laser welding, polishing and laser engraving amenities to save on shipping costs and reduce lead times.


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High Tech Laser & Precision core polishing

Photo Credit: High Tech Laser & Polishing

High Tech Laser & Polishing’s (HTL&P) wide range of services assist customers with mold surface repair projects while saving on shipping costs and lead times. The one-stop shop is ideal for laser welding, polishing and laser engraving amenities; HTL&P can laser weld mold components, blend down the weld and polish the area to match the existing surface. The core (shown above) is an example of a component High Tech has repaired.

Under its laser welding offers, HTL&P can perform engraving, texturing, etching, cutting, annealing, drilling and welding services. The company’s deep engraving capabilities for the moldmaking and industrial market, for example, enables the company to mark logos, part identifications and bar codes on a variety of metal materials, graphite, wood and acrylics. HTL&P’s lasers can engrave 0.070 inches deep and deeper into hardened tool steels. Under texturing, High Tech Laser applies textures by using the various gray scales within the artwork in a 3D pattern, saving preparation time. The company can also laser texture an EDM finish or match an existing texture pattern.

High Tech also offers a versatile service offering under polishing. This includes diamond, paper, stone and brushed finishes, as well as abrasive blasting, lapping finish and vibratory tumbling. All finishes specified are also offered with the SPI finish chart according to the tool and die industry.

Finally, the company offers laser welding—an effective method for joining small parts with tight tolerances—and micro TIG welding services, which is a speedier welding option for weld build up, waterline repair and shutting off or relocating runners on larger molds.