High-speed milling cutters target universal application and reliability

Walter’s latest MC025 Advance and MD025 Supreme solid carbide cutters offer near net roughing and tackles pocket, groove and freeform surfaces. 


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Walter MC025 Advance and MD025 Supreme milling cutters

Walter unveils its high-speed, high-feed MC025 Advance and MD025 Supreme solid carbide milling cutters. Available with cylindrical shank or ConeFit head systems, each product retains exceptional process reliability with high-feed face geometry and low radial load. 

The MC025 Advance is available in 1/8-1 inches (1-25 millimeter) diameters. A single grade is offered for universal applications for steel, stainless steel, cast iron and materials with difficult cutting properties.  It has a long peripheral cutting edge for good chip removal and for providing support when machining walls. Walter points to its optimal near net-shape roughing with high feeds per tooth at low depth of cut, and its success at tackling pocket, groove and freeform surfaces. Enabling lower inventory costs, the MC025 has been accepted in the die and mold industry and for general metalworking. 

The MD025 Supreme milling cutter boasts a high number of teeth for maximum productivity and high-feed face geometry, ideal for use on complex components. The MD025 enables near net roughing with high feeds per tooth at low depth of cut, provides for a short and stable peripheral cutting edge and like the MC025, successfully tackles pocket, groove and freeform surfaces. Available in diameters ranging from 1/4-1 inches (6-25 millimeters), the Walter MD025 is offered in two separate grades for application customization, whether machining carbon steel, stainless steel, or materials with difficult cutting properties. Both grades are suitable for use in the die and mold industry and medical technology, energy and aerospace industries.

Additionally, Walter offers three designations for its product technology—Perform, Advance and Supreme. The Perform tools provide an economical solution with a focus on price,  Advance tools balance price and performance and the Supreme designation indicates the highest level of technology and performance available.