Engineering-Driven Mold Builder Specializes in Difficult One and Two Shot Molding Applications

Ameritech Die & Mold continues to be an engineering-driven builder of complex, one and two shot molds.


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Ameritech Die & Mold continues to be an engineering-driven mold builder that specializes in difficult one and two shot molding applications. Utilizing Moldex 3D Moldflow simulation and incorporating RJG whenever customers request it, Ameritech supports robust molding solutions that drive consistent shot-to-shot part quality and conformity. Paying close attention to venting, cooling and ejection, the company says it delivers the very best in cycle time and consistent part quality with minimal maintenance of the mold itself. In the last year, the company invested over $2 million in its two facilities to ensure the highest quality molds at the lowest price and delivery. The goal is to learn customers’ cultures and issues, and solve their problems within every mold-building project. With in-house mold sampling capability, the company can help fine tune the injection molded process to minimize interrupting customers’ busy schedules. The company continues to support beyond the mold delivery, and serves the automotive, appliance, medical and consumer goods product fields.






Ameritech Die & Mold

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