EDMMax Wire EDMs Designed for Metal 3D-Printed Part Cut Off

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The EDM range is intended as an affordable option for removing metal 3D-printed parts from build plates.


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EDM Network introduces its EDMMax series of wire EDMs designed to be an affordable wire EDM solution to economically remove metal 3D-printed parts from the build plate. The EDMMax 655F can handle build plates ranging to 500 mm high by 600 mm long, and is available with Z height ranging to 1 m.

The EDMs are equipped with a reusable Molybdenum wire feature, which quickly moves inexpensive wire from the source capstan, to the receiving capstan, and then back again so that the wire is continuously moving back and forth through the workpiece. According to the company, the rapid speed of the wire creates its own flushing so high-pressure pumps are not required. The Molybdenum wire is very resistant to wire breaks, offering an advantage over the brass wire that is typically used in a wire EDM, the company says. The dielectric is a mixture of water and oil to reduce oxidation on the part surfaces.


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