Three Solutions for Improved CNC Networking

Products to consider for better machine productivity in 2019.


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A company’s programs are the livelihood on the shop floor. They make the parts that keep a business going. Make sure no one is stealing them or changing them without authority and make sure they are loading into the CNC machines.

What measures being taken in 2019 to make sure the machine programs are on track for success? Take a look at Shop Floor Automations list of solutions for better CNC networking:

  1. DNC Software—DNC is available for many controls including Haas, DMG Mori, Mazak, Fagor, Okuma, FANUC and more. Communication can be achieved wirelessly, via ethernet and RS232.
  2. Secure DNC—Send programs directly to the hard drive of the machine without interfering with the shop’s network or adding them to the domain.
  3. CNC Revision ControlA critical element to manufacturing productivity, CNC revision control is often overlooked. No control over shop programs leads to old programs running at machines or inaccuracies in the part, which leads to wasted raw material, man time and unhappy customers.

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