Metrology Service Provider Adds Second LK Metrology CMM



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Laser Scanning Ltd, in Chapeltown, near Sheffield, has installed a second, larger coordinate measuring machine (CMM) built by LK Metrology at its Castle Donington factory. When Laser Scanning's managing director Johnathan Rigby started the company in September 2016, he brought the original machine with him from his previous employer, PMS Diecasting, Rotherham. This firm now subcontracts much of its metrology requirement to Laser Scanning, both firms are members of the Glide Group.

What prompted the purchase of the larger CMM was Rigby's receipt from JCB Power Systems of a contract to assist with quality control (QC) of cylinder blocks and heads for the engines that power the OEM's off-road vehicles. JCB has its own LK machine equipped with a touch probe that serves the production line in Derby. Laser Scanning assists by providing measurement and inspection of goods-in to the plant, where it has a QC engineer permanently stationed. Additionally, the Chapeltown center helps with preparing CMM programs and proving them out, as well as inspecting prototypes to support JCB's research and development department. 

The Chapeltown metrology company is ideally placed to help any manufacturer that uses LK measuring machines and software, as work and programs can be transferred seamlessly to run on either CMM. Projects have involved a tier-2 supplier in the Midlands to the global aerospace industry, which used Laser Scanning's subcontract services for inspecting components while their own machine was out of action; and a medical equipment manufacturer that wanted to verify its in-house QC capability.

Laser Scanning is accredited to ISO 9001 for quality management, ISO 14001 for environmental management, ISO 18001 for occupational safety and health, and ISO 27001 for data security. It is a member of the Gauge & Toolmakers Association, Federation of Small Businesses and Employee Ownership Association.


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