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EuroMold 2010: High Internationality and an Excellent Business Climate

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Great interest in mechanical engineering and the automotive industry. EuroMold 2010: High internationality and an excellent business climate.


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With 55.301 visitors from 86 countries the 17th EuroMold, world fair for moldmaking and tooling, design and application development, successfully closed its doors on the 4th of December 2010. This years EuroMold was not
only able to increase its internationality but also the proportion of visitors of the automotive and mechanical engineering sector.

EuroMold 2010 additionally raised the number of executive personnel among visitors. To a large extend, visitors of EuroMold work for companies with more than 500 employees. Accordingly, numerous exhibitors reported excellent contacts and closed deals directly at the show.

Internationality of visitors: EuroMold traditionally has a big importance among international visitors especially from European countries. In 2010, most visitors came from Italy (10,1 % of international visitors), Austria (8,5%), Switzerland (8,3%), Belgium (5,1%), France ( 5,1%), the Netherlands (4,8%) and Spain (4,2%). The partner country Turkey increased its proportion to 6,3% compared to 2009 and thus ranks on position four among international visitors.

EuroMold also experiences a growing importance among visitors from Asia. In
comparison to the previous event, the proportion of visitors from China
(3,0% of international visitors), Japan (2,2%), South Korea (1,8%), Taiwan
(1,6%), India (1,3 %) and Iran (1,0%) has increased considerably.
With regard to visitors from other continents, the USA, Israel, Brazil,
South Africa and Mexico were also strongly represented. Additionally,
EuroMold 2010 draws visitors from other countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar,
Island and New Zeeland to Frankfurt.

Industrial sectors of visitors: EuroMold 2010 again raised the proportion of professional visitors from the automotive industry from 25,3% in 2009 to 29,6 %. This represents an increase of 17% in relation to the total number of visitors.
The number of visitors from the sector of mechanical engineering also
experienced an increase from 21,2% in 2009 to 25,4% in 2010.

Other well represented sectors were the electrical and electronics industry
(6,8%), the medical industry (6,4%), mechanical engineering and
construction ( 4,3%), consumer goods (3,0%), household appliances (2,7%),
the packaging industry (2,7%) as well as aerospace (2,5%).

Position of Visitors: Executives and decision makers are traditionally the largest visitor group at EuroMold. In 2010, their proportion among all visitors was extended even further. With 16,2%, head of departments represented the largest group of visitors (2009 14,1 %). Owners (11,4%), Managing directors (11,4%) and foremen (6,7%) were also strongly represented. Furthermore, a considerable percentage of EuroMold visitors were development managers (3,3%), production managers (2,5%) as well as purchasing managers (1,8%).

Departments: The most present departments at EuroMold 2010 were production and construction (27,3%) as well as engineering (20,8%). Additional departments present were research and development (11,5%), product development (7,3%), purchase (6,5%) and design (5,6%).

Visitors and the size of their companies: With a proportion of 23,9% most visitors of EuroMold came from companies with more than 500 employees. The second largest group were visitors working in companies with 100 to 500 employees (22,9%) before companies with 10 to 49 employees (19,6%).

Summary: At the 17th world fair for moldmaking and tooling, design and application development 1.384 exhibitors (+2,2 % compared to 2009) from 38 countries displayed their products and services including many world premiers at the exhibition centre in Frankfurt. In hall 11.0, EuroMold did extend its position as the worldwide leading market place for rapid-technologies. Highlights of EuroMold 2010 were the special exhibition areas ”e-production for everyone,” “tooling and energy efficiency” as well as the partner country Turkey with an extensive framework program.

“The further increase of international visitors, did exceed our expectations”, said Dr.-Ing. Eberhard Döring, exhibition manager of EuroMold 2010. “The fact that more than 55.000 visitors, mainly decision makers, made their way to EuroMold besides the bad weather conditions confirms the importance of EuroMold as the leading trade fair for the whole range of product development.”

Numerous exhibitors could raise the quality and quantity of their contacts.“We had a significant increase of interested parties compared to last year, told Andy Middleton, managing director Europe of Objet Geometries GmbH. Martin Bock, coordinator of the Frauenhofer pavilion, was also persuaded by the quality and quantity of the EuroMold-contacts he made at the show:

“EuroMold is and will remain the main exhibition of the moldmaking and tooling industry.” Konstantin Bikar, managing director of BIKAR Metalle, confirmed that, nowhere else one can meet as many mold- and toolmakers” as at EuroMold.

Dirk Dombert, managing director Cimatron GmbH, was pleased with „the
quality of visitors at the booth“ and made “many contacts directly to the
decision makers of the companies”. Therefore “the project-pipeline is well
filled for the next month.”

Direct business deals have been reported by the company Fooke as Nadine
Rexhaj stated: “We have sold two compact milling machines so for us
EuroMold was the most successful trade show.”

Marco Schülken, managing director of Werkzeugbau Ruhla, also reported
direct business deals at the show: “The quality of visitors was very high
and we did close several deals for the construction of tools.”
(Please find more statements in the attachments).

The 12th conference of the Wohlers Association Inc., Fort Collins / USA on
rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing received excellent feedback from
international attendees.

Additionally, the EuroMold conference “materials in progress” as well as
the various forums with regard to “design and engineering”, “simulation and
VR”, “materials” as well as the formula student workshop attracted keen
interest from visitors and exhibitors alike.

Outlook for 2011: The next EuroMold takes place from the 30th of November to the 3rd of December 2011 at the international exhibition centre in Frankfurt, Germany. More than 1.500 exhibitors from 40 countries and 60.000 visitors are
expected to the 18th world fair for moldmaking and tooling, design and
application development

The positive feedback of exhibitors shortly after the successful closure of
EuroMold 2010 shows already today, that EuroMold 2011 will again be an
innovative technological top-class event with many world premiers from
different areas of the product development circle.