Time to Share Your Top 10

MMT's annual "Top 10 Reasons to be a Moldmaker" contest reflects the community, camaraderie and sense of humor that has come to define the mold manufacturing industry. If your submission is selected, it will be printed on our annual t-shirt that is distributed at Amerimold from the MoldMaking Technology booth.


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We want to know your number one reason(s) to be a moldmaker. The funnier the better, so don't hold back! And you can win great prizes! We'll pick the top 10 and print them on a one-of-a-kind t-shirt that we'll distribute to Amerimold attendees in Novi, Michigan at Suburban Collection Showplace, June 13-14, 2018.

Top Reasons to Participate:

  • All participants will receive a free exhibit hall pass and a Top 10 Reasons to Be a MoldMaker t-shirt!
  • Authors of submissions selected for the Top 10 will receive a free a pass to the exhibit hall and networking party. Plus, your name, title, and company name will be listed in the event directory!
  • The author of the #1 Reason to Be a MoldMaker will receive all of the above and a $50 Visa gift card!

Here are some past submissions to get your mind going:

  • Free, hot glycol showers.
  • Women love all the small cuts on your hands.
  • You can always throw your mistakes under your neighbor’s bench.
  • The hot chip burns on your cheek make you look like the Marlboro Man.
  • It’s fun to prove engineers wrong.
  • Free manicures, submitted by Lefty and Tommy Two Fingers.
  • Why let the Chinese have all the fun?
  • Where else can you run a five-ton overhead crane without a license?
  • The wife makes unique Jell-O desserts.
  • It let's me fill deep cavities with a hard tool all day long.
  • The first moldmaker was God.
  • You get to play with sharp pointy objects.
  • You learn how to read backwards.
  • You can tell another guy to “lube it up” and not get a weird look.
  • Starting a job with no prints.
  • You can retire on the tool collection
  • Being able to tell the engineer "I made it like you drew it".
  • Love the smell of waylube in the morning.
  • Flirts daily … with disaster!
  • Free electro shock therapy
  • You love the way that chips scratch your cornea every time you blink.
  • You get rebates from Band-Aid.
  • Tetanus shots are so much fun.
  • Job security
  • Opening bottlenecks.
  • Moldmakers’ wives love all their free time.
  • It's never the molds fault.
  • The CNC machine runs 90 hours on a 30-minute job.
  • Vacations are overrated.
  • You are not available for Saturday “honey-do’s”.
  • Foreigners also love my job.
  • You get to spend millions on personal tools.
  • Moldmakers do it with precision.
  • Moldmakers get off on injection.
  • You enjoy attempting the impossible.
  • Guys just love a girl coated with sawdust.
  • You get to ask all the guys to help with the mold board.
  • Guys can't resist a girl that can operate a CNC router.

Send me your today!