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The mold manufacturing marketplace answered the call and went above and beyond during the COVID-19 pandemic, and MMT has shared plenty of stories to support their work (whether it was face shields, ventilators, respirator components, you name it … and all in record lead times with the utmost in quality). This marketplace has proven itself essential. And it was supply chain partners that made it possible for mold builders to answer the call.

On top of that, recent investment activity in businesses across the mold manufacturing marketplace only emphasizes the value of the products and services these businesses provide and the positive outlook they have on the future of this marketplace. Plus, I continue to hear stories of increased technology investment, expansion efforts, diversification models and workforce development initiatives—all of which help move the marketplace forward.

In the past, Amerimold has been a two-day event focused only on moldmaking, but we've transitioned that concept to what we believe is a $12 to $13 billion mold manufacturing marketplace that includes molders and OEMs performing moldmaking and molding within their facilities. This marketplace needs its own spot. A two-day event is just not enough to share the amount of content, technology and networking required. So, with feedback from exhibitors and attendees, we added a third day to Amerimold 2021 to give the industrial mold manufacturing marketplace THE spot to call their own.  Included in this three-day event are the co-located Molding and Extrusion Conferences.

I am looking forward to meeting you in Chicago for Amerimold 2021! #MeetMeInChicago

The need for people to connect has never been as great as it is now. We experienced a long time of not getting together, and the communities within the mold manufacturing marketplace are very eager to reengage.

By adding a third day to Amerimold, we will have more time—more time to connect buyers and sellers, more time to check out technology, more opportunities to network to make those critical connections that are so important for the mold manufacturing marketplace globally.

On top of that, three days offer more flexibility to work around your schedule and avoid the pressure of having to see everything on the show floor, consume all of the educational opportunities and meet everyone in two days. Plus, it will ease travel plans and allow attendees to structure their visit around their shop's production schedule.

We're really looking forward to bringing the mold manufacturing marketplace together under one roof to learn best practices for improving operating efficiencies and profitability, connect with technology seekers and old and new supply chain partners and reacquaint with old industry friends and make new ones.

I am looking forward to meeting you in Chicago for Amerimold 2021! #MeetMeInChicago