Machining (via the machine tool and cutting tool) shapes metal workpieces. Understanding both traditional and advanced machining techniques is critical to overcoming the various dimensional and finish challenges associated with mold machining. Processes include milling, drilling, grinding, high-speed machining, five-axis, hard milling, micro machining, large mold machining, multi-tasking, waterjet and laser. Workholding is also important.
Feature Articles

Magnetic Matters

Feature Articles

Real-Time Mold Production

An automated five-axis machining/EDM cell offers a cost-effective alternative to series and batch mold manufacturing.

Five-Axis Solution to High Mold Surface Finish Accuracy

A five-axis vertical CNC jig boring-milling machine that offers the exceptionally high accuracy needed for moldmaking.
New Product

Turning Center Adds New Turret Design, Increased Spindle Power

Mazak’s Quick Turn-250MSY turning center features several new productivity-enhancing features, including a direct-drive turret design; higher-torque main spindle; faster, more powerful milling spindle; and new Mazatrol SmoothG CNC.

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