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Flexible Machine Offers Erosion, Grinding in One Setup
MoldMaking Technology

The Edge erosion and tool grinding machine from ANCA offers the flexibility to erode polycrystalline diamond (PCD) tools as well as grind carbide and HSS tools on the same machine in a single setup.

Turning Center Features Collet-Ready Spindle
MoldMaking Technology

The Conquest H51 turning center from Hardinge features a quick-change, collet-ready spindle and is available in both high-precision and “Super-Precision” models.

5-Axis VMC Delivers Accuracy, High Productivity for Moldmaking
MoldMaking Technology

The MU-6300V vertical machining center from Okuma is designed for high accuracy and productivity for multi-sided machining, making it well-suited for moldmaking and other industries requiring full five-axis capabilities.

Compact Dual-Axis Rotary Table Suited for Small Machining Centers
MoldMaking Technology

Haas’ TRT100 dual-axis trunnion table is designed for high-speed, accurate positioning in machining small complex parts.

Iron-Core Linear Motors Feature Anti-Cogging Design
MoldMaking Technology

Distributed in North America through Heidenhain Corp., Etel’s LMS series of iron-core linear motors features an anti-cogging design well-suited for thermal-drift-sensitive precision machines and demanding motion control applications.

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Machining (via the machine tool and cutting tool) shapes metal workpieces. Understanding both traditional and advanced machining techniques is critical to overcoming the various dimensional and finish challenges associated with mold machining. Processes include milling, drilling, grinding, high-speed machining, five-axis, hard milling, micro machining, large mold machining, multi-tasking, waterjet and laser. Workholding is also important.
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