Machining (via the machine tool and cutting tool) shapes metal workpieces. Understanding both traditional and advanced machining techniques is critical to overcoming the various dimensional and finish challenges associated with mold machining. Processes include milling, drilling, grinding, high-speed machining, five-axis, hard milling, micro machining, large mold machining, multi-tasking, waterjet and laser. Workholding is also important.

Versatile Machining

See firsthand the versatility of this live-tool lathe.
Feature Articles

May the Force Be with You

Unlocking the true potential of magnetic workholding for machining mold bases and inserts lies in understanding clamping and machining forces.
New Product

CNC Revamped to be More User-Friendly

All Haas VMCs and HMCs are now equipped with the Haas NextGen Control, said to feature an improved user interface, more consistent and intuitive navigation, and improved connectivity.

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