Moldmakers rely on electrical discharge machining (EDM) routinely. EDM refers to wire, sinker and small-hole EDM. Sinker includes an electrode and a workpiece both submerged in dielectric fluid; wire uses a thin wire to cut with electricity; and, with small hole an electrode is a cylinder used to machine a hole. Considerations for EDM efficiency include depth, accuracy and finish, and components to consider include drives, generator, programming system and flushing. Other facets include wires, electrodes, graphite, filters and fluids.
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Real-Time Mold Production

Feature Articles

Justifying an EDM Upgrade

Advancements in sinker EDM technology may convince you to invest in a new machine, even if your old one is working just fine.
Feature Articles

Making EDM Profitable

The workpiece material and the process parameters of a sinker EDM operation can impact productivity and profitability.
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Automated Die/Mold Machining Cell Can Boost Quality, Utilization

Makino offers machine technologies and engineering services that can help manufacturers implement machine automation for die/mold applications, including hard milling, graphite milling, five-axis machining, and sinker and wire EDM.

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