Moldmakers rely on electrical discharge machining (EDM) routinely. EDM refers to wire, sinker and small-hole EDM. Sinker includes an electrode and a workpiece both submerged in dielectric fluid; wire uses a thin wire to cut with electricity; and, with small hole an electrode is a cylinder used to machine a hole. Considerations for EDM efficiency include depth, accuracy and finish, and components to consider include drives, generator, programming system and flushing. Other facets include wires, electrodes, graphite, filters and fluids.
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2017 Leadtime Leader Awards Honorable Mention: Concours Mold Inc.

This Canadian mold manufacturer identifies teamwork and quality as critical to its ability to drive continued success.
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An Added Layer of EDM Knowledge

Understanding electrode material selection and the relationship among the electrode, workpiece material and machine parameters can improve EDM efficiency.
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Electrodes Demonstrate Applications for Graphite

Poco Graphite manufactures more than 100 grades of graphite used in EDM, semiconductor and other industrial applications.

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