Graphite or Copper? Part 2
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Test findings and a cost of ownership model help identify the monetary impact graphite and copper electrode materials have on manufacturing.

EDM Suited for Hole Drilling
MoldMaking Technology

Makino's EDBV8 EDM hole driller is well-suited for producing film cooling holes and shaped diffuser holes in blade and vane segments.

Truly Smart EDM
MoldMaking Technology

Think ease of use, ergonomics and expertise when empowering your operators with the right EDM.

User-Friendly EDM Control Technology
MoldMaking Technology

Wire EDM machines have taken ease-of-use to a new level, by being equipped with the next evolution of advanced machine control.

IMTS: Automate Your Way out of the Skilled Labor Shortage
MoldMaking Technology

GF Machining Solutions is on a mission this IMTS to help industry overcome the skilled labor shortage and stay competitive at the same time. Their solution is automation.

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Moldmakers rely on electrical discharge machining (EDM) routinely. EDM refers to wire, sinker and small-hole EDM. Sinker includes an electrode and a workpiece both submerged in dielectric fluid; wire uses a thin wire to cut with electricity; and, with small hole an electrode is a cylinder used to machine a hole. Considerations for EDM efficiency include depth, accuracy and finish, and components to consider include drives, generator, programming system and flushing. Other facets include wires, electrodes, graphite, filters and fluids.
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