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Toolholding for Finishing in Confined Areas
MoldMaking Technology

Hydraulic chuck super slim types are ideal toolholders for precision finishing processes in confined areas with drills, reamers, ball mills, end mills, diamond reamers and grinding tools.

Checklist for Long-Reach Toolholders
MoldMaking Technology

Moldmakers hoping to avoid problems such as chatter, poor tool life and molds that fail quality control muster need to consider a variety of factors when selecting a long-reach toolholder.

Cast Iron Milling Grade Features Wear-Resistant Coating
MoldMaking Technology

Designed for cast iron milling, Sandvik Coromant’s wear-resistant GC3330 insert grade features the company’s Inveio coating, which uses uni-directional crystal orientation for greater endurance, predictability and tool life.

Face Mills Eliminate Burrs, Boost Surface Finish
MoldMaking Technology

Well-suited for general milling applications, Sumitomo Electric Carbide’s WGX Wavemill series face mills feature an insert chipbreaker designed to eliminate burrs and ensure excellent surface finish.

Toolholder Offers Integrated Transmission for High-Production Tapping
MoldMaking Technology

Emuge’s Speedsynchro toolholder features an integrated transmission of 1:4.412 for optimizing thread production on CNC machines with synchronous spindles.

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Cutting Tools

Cutting tools are used on machine tools to cut metal, and are one component of the overall mold machining process to consider when looking to improve speeds, feeds, wear and surface finish. Technologies include end mills, drills, inserts, spindles, toolholders, fluids and coatings. There are many styles, substrates and coatings to consider during selection.
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