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End Mill Holders Offer Reduced Runout
MoldMaking Technology

Tru Position end mill holders from Briney Tooling Systems utilize a custom-engineered internal eccentric grinding technique said to produce reduced runout capability of 0.0002".

Toolholding Line Adds Smaller-Size Clamping Unit
MoldMaking Technology

Rego-Fix Tool Corp. has extended its powRgrip line of toolholding systems to include the 9500, an automatic clamping unit that operates in the same manner as the company’s other clamping units, but is smaller in size, has fewer moving parts, incorporates durable proximity switches and has a streamlined exterior design.

Right Mix of Tooling and Technology
MoldMaking Technology

OSG emphasized the importance of having the right mix of tooling, machine tools and programming, and held a four-hour workshop on a step-by-step process to guide the approach to programming 3D parts.

High-Feed Face Mill Boosts Productivity
MoldMaking Technology

The Gold-QuadXXX high-feed face mill from Ingersoll Cutting Tools features a positive 30-degree bevel angle along with increased depth of cut provided by ultra-strong, free-cutting insert geometry, resulting in increased productivity.

Product Range Includes Mold Cycle Counters, More
MoldMaking Technology

PCS Co. will highlight a range of products, including mold cycle counters, an expanded cutting tool line and more..

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Cutting Tools

Cutting tools are used on machine tools to cut metal, and are one component of the overall mold machining process to consider when looking to improve speeds, feeds, wear and surface finish. Technologies include end mills, drills, inserts, spindles, toolholders, fluids and coatings. There are many styles, substrates and coatings to consider during selection.
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