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Unconventional Strategies for Roughing
MoldMaking Technology

Arc of contact and average chip thickness are essential for optimizing rough-machining operations.

Square Shoulder Mills Offer Large Depths of Cut
MoldMaking Technology

Seco Tools’ R220.LN14 square shoulder mills provide four cutting edges with a 14-mm (0.551") cutting edge length to reduce cost per edge while improving performance in demanding applications requiring a large depth of cut.

Single Insert Grade Handles Variety of Materials
MoldMaking Technology

Techniks offers LT grade inserts designed to perform in virtually all materials, including aluminum, steel, stainless steel, hard steel, cast iron and high-temperature alloys.

Drill Produces Close-Tolerance, Deep Holes
MoldMaking Technology

The CoroDrill 808 from Sandvik Coromant is a deep-hole drill designed especially for the company’s single-tube system (STS).

Milling Cutters Removes Large Quantities of Metal
MoldMaking Technology

Inspired by Kub Quatron drills and using the same inserts, the Quatron hi.feed milling cutter from Komet is designed to remove large quantities of metal in a variety of milling operations, including plunge milling.

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Cutting Tools

Cutting tools are used on machine tools to cut metal, and are one component of the overall mold machining process to consider when looking to improve speeds, feeds, wear and surface finish. Technologies include end mills, drills, inserts, spindles, toolholders, fluids and coatings. There are many styles, substrates and coatings to consider during selection.
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