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Tooling Up for Challenging Cuts
To maximize quality and repeatability, you need the right cutting tools, especially in challenging applications. Here’s a guide for selecting tools for high-speed tool paths, tight areas, straight walls and graphite cutting. more (+)


Scrap the Tap?
MoldMaking Technology

Thread milling is often faster and more accurate than tapping in tough mold applications.

Six-Flute End Mills Advance High-Speed and Peel Milling Strategies
MoldMaking Technology

Seco Tool’s Niagara Cutter subsidiary has added two new six-flute tools to its line of multi-flute end mills for high-speed milling and peel milling applications.

Lifetime Guaranteed Boring Heads
MoldMaking Technology

Tooling manufacturer Techniks Inc. introduces a lifetime guarantee that eliminates costly repairs and replacements.

Hydraulic Expansion Toolholders Provide Variety of Benefits
MoldMaking Technology

Schunk offers hydraulic expansion toolholders and arbors for high-precision applications in milling, boring, turning, grinding, mounting, inspection and balancing.

Cutter Sets New Standard for Heavy Hogging
MoldMaking Technology

A recent roughing application shattered this moldmaker’s expectations about the stability of a large face mill in long-reach contouring operations.

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Cutting Tools

Cutting tools are used on machine tools to cut metal, and are one component of the overall mold machining process to consider when looking to improve speeds, feeds, wear and surface finish. Technologies include end mills, drills, inserts, spindles, toolholders, fluids and coatings. There are many styles, substrates and coatings to consider during selection.
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