Integrating automation technologies and strategies is key for improving overall mold manufacturing operations. Challenges and solutions for achieving a level of lights-out machining/ unattended operations are met via the use of a variety of automation options including, robots, work cells, tool management and software.
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Feature Articles

Incorporating Robotics

Consider robots in part and mold design, and molding processes to increase part quality and meet growing customer demands.

A Hi-Tech Molding Machine in Action

Check out this video taken during the official opening of Hi-Tech Mold and Engineering's new Technology Center. It shows a fully automated Engel duo 3500-ton "smart" molding machine demoing (dry) a Hi-Tech mold for an interior automotive part.
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Automated Die/Mold Machining Cell Can Boost Quality, Utilization

Makino offers machine technologies and engineering services that can help manufacturers implement machine automation for die/mold applications, including hard milling, graphite milling, five-axis machining, and sinker and wire EDM.

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