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Adding Value with Robotics
A robot may not directly make the final part, but it can add value to the overall process, if its use is properly planned and executed. more (+)


Machine-Tending Robot Offers Heavy Payload
MoldMaking Technology

The MH280 II robot from Yaskawa Motoman is designed to eliminate the inconsistencies of a manual process, improving production quality and providing cost-savings benefits in metal, polymer, ceramic and composite applications.

Six-Axis Robots Allow Additional Operations
MoldMaking Technology

Stäubli’s six-axis robots are designed to provide all the advantages of simple Cartesian systems—high speed, slim forearms and simple programming—without the limiting features that restrict the incorporation of additional tasks.

Compact Robot Handles 80-kg Transfer Weight
MoldMaking Technology

The Erowa Robot Compact 80 features a number of upgrades said to make it well-suited for tool- and moldmaking.

6-Axis Sensor Measures Force, Torque Components
MoldMaking Technology

A solution for industrial robots, pressing force control, grinding, deburring and more, ATI Industrial Automation’s Capacitive F/T Sensor is designed to measure the six components of force (Fx, Fy, Fz) and torque (Tx, Ty, Tz).

Breakthroughs and Possibilities
MoldMaking Technology

Okuma’s annual Technology Showcase highlighted the latest innovations in manufacturing technology.

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Integrating automation technologies and strategies is key for improving overall mold manufacturing operations. Challenges and solutions for achieving a level of lights-out machining/ unattended operations are met via the use of a variety of automation options including, robots, work cells, tool management and software.

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