By: 3. July 2014

Sharing and Solving Current Pain Points of Mold Builders and Buyers

amerimold 2014's Engineer, Build, Maintain tracks addressed strategies to de-risk launches through part and mold simulation, additive manufacturing/conformal cooling, troubleshooting during tool validation, building a better business through technology deployment, training development, industry involvement, putting a proactive plan in place, and advancing skills to develop maintenance and decrease repair costs. 

Conference attendee registration was one of the show's best in recent years. Some feedback included: 

"I liked the three-track format because I could attend the sessions as needed and walk through the booths when the session subject matter didn't interest me.  I got a lot out of the sessions. The best session for me was "Implementing Technology" with a focus on benchmarking financials with Cavalier Tool, Paragon D&E, MGS Mfg. Group and Janler Corp. It helped me better understand the scope of the investments I am making with our company and some of the things I need to watch out for." Larry Gildea, President, Accu-Mold LLC

"I was very interested in the conference sessions that discussed teaching and training the next generation of moldmakers. I have personally taught a number of apprentices in my years of work in the trade and it continues to be a concern of mine. It was reassuring to learn about all the efforts to train a new generation of toolmakers. I also enjoyed the Maintain block of sessions by ToolingDocs. The panel on building a well designed toolroom was very helpful. For example, I have a number of shelving units in my shop. The suggestion to replace them with drawer units to help consolidate and save precious space is one I plan on using in my shop." PhilMcNeish, Owner, McNeish Precision Tool & Design 

"The conference was quite informative. It showed me that everyone is having the same problems. For example, the "Building a Well-Designed, Efficient Toolroom" panel provided a solution to our trouble with tracking supplies throughout the shop. As a result of a discussion in the audience, we are having MSC come in to set up vending machines next week." Jay Lillie, Tool Room Supervisor, Smiths Group/Smith Medical

For a look inside the program click here and use passcode: AME2014.

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