Additive Manufacturing

From the publisher of MoldMaking Technology, ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING is a magazine focusing on the use of 3D printing technologies to make functional products such as mold tooling and end-use parts. To learn much more about the promise and the challenges of additive manufacturing, visit the AM website.
Feature Articles

Building a Better Tool

Feature Articles

Reshaping Moldmaking

Metal-printed components like conformal cooling inserts can improve existing production processes.
Feature Articles

IIoT: The Next Step in Mold-Building Efficiency

Taking advantage of “digital threads” of data can help moldmakers compete in an evolving manufacturing environment.
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New Product

Additive Manufacturing Simulation Offers Virtual Experimentation

CGTech says that Vericut 8.1, which will be available early in the fall, adds the ability to identify potential problems that can occur when integrating additive methods.

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