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Print & Assemble—the Future of AM?
Modern Machine Shop

While this technology for home 3D printers may be functioning on a small scale, the pick-and-place concept could hold potential for larger industrial applications.

3D-Printed Tooling Speeds Manufacturing of Cutting Tools
Modern Machine Shop

Knight Carbide's insert delivery times had to wait on custom tooling, so they acquired a Mojo desktop 3D printer from Stratasys make their own. Lead times for insert carriers were shortened from weeks to just six hours.

Incorporating 3D Printing
MoldMaking Technology

Technologies that give moldmakers the ability to test out a couple different designs before investing in the final tool.

Learn about 3D Printing of Large Parts at Amerimold 2015
Modern Machine Shop

At next week’s Amerimold show, Dr. Chad Duty will give complementary showfloor presentations on “Big Area Additive Manufacturing (BAAM).” Dr. Duty, a leading researcher at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, will discuss how polymer-based additive manufacturing processes enable the production of large parts—parts as large as a full-sized car body. This technology promises to take time and money out of the tool and mold manufacturing process.

Moldmaker Boosts 3D Metal Printing Capacity
MoldMaking Technology

Linear Mold & Engineering will showcase its increased capabilities in 3D metal printing for end-use parts with three new SLM 280 HL machines from SLM Solutions GmbH.

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Additive Manufacturing

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A new quarterly supplement covers technologies that build complex components layer by layer. Serving readers of MoldMaking Technology and Modern Machine Shop magazines, ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING focuses on the use of additive technologies to make functional products such as mold tooling and end-use production parts. To subscribe to this supplement, visit the subscription page using the "Subscribe" link above.

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