Surface Treatment

All-In-One Fiber Laser Marking Unit Integrated into Portable System

Rocklin Manufacturing presents the MobiLase, a fiber laser marker housed in a lightweight suitcase that can delivers fast and durable laser markings directly at the part.

Surface Treatment

Ceramic Fiber Brushes Enables Fast, Automated Deburring and Surface Finishing

The automated Xebec Brush features woven ceramic fibers for consistent cutting action, high-speed finishing solutions.  


Laser Processing System Integrates Automation For Complete Precision and Flexibility

ACSYS Lasertechnik’s Multishift system is fully automatic, including a robotic arm and integration with OCR, OPR and dynamic focus control for a very precise laser processing finish.

Surface Treatment

Femtosecond Lasers Improve Mold Texturing and Micromachining

Newer femtosecond laser machine option solves common working distance challenge for micromachining and mold texturing.

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Higher-Level Laser Mold Texturing

Eroded, sandblasted and chemically-etched mold textures are now 100-percent lasered at this Germany-based service provider.

Inspection & Measurement

Innovation Abounds at NPE2018

Here is a review of some notable moldmaking innovations and advancements on display at NPE2018.
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Maintenance & Repair

Steps for Properly Evaluating a Mold Release Product

Here are some essential steps to follow when selecting the right agent to help eliminate issues that slow down cycle time.

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Choosing the Right Beam Source for Your Laser-Welding Operation

Fiber laser technology is here, but is it the right solution for your operation? 

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Scenes from Amerimold 2018, Part 2—Education!

MMT brings readers yet another look at Amerimold 2018. This time, the focus is on education via our Tech Talks, technology demos and more.

Surface Treatment

Machine Hammer Peening Automates Mold Polishing

A polishing automation solution eliminates hand work, accelerates milling operations and controls surface geometries.