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Femtosecond Lasers Improve Mold Texturing and Micromachining

Newer femtosecond laser machine option solves common working distance challenge for micromachining and mold texturing.

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Higher-Level Laser Mold Texturing

Eroded, sandblasted and chemically-etched mold textures are now 100-percent lasered at this Germany-based service provider.


Innovation Abounds at NPE2018

Here is a review of some notable moldmaking innovations and advancements on display at NPE2018.
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Steps for Properly Evaluating a Mold Release Product

Here are some essential steps to follow when selecting the right agent to help eliminate issues that slow down cycle time.

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Choosing the Right Beam Source for Your Laser-Welding Operation

Fiber laser technology is here, but is it the right solution for your operation? 

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Scenes from Amerimold 2018, Part 2—Education!

MMT brings readers yet another look at Amerimold 2018. This time, the focus is on education via our Tech Talks, technology demos and more.

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Machine Hammer Peening Automates Mold Polishing

A polishing automation solution eliminates hand work, accelerates milling operations and controls surface geometries.
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Maintenance & Repair

Mold Rebranding and Refurbishment

When identifying features have to be changed, this five-step welding and engraving process can spare the expense of building a brand-new mold.

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Laser Engraving’s Many Uses

In this laser engraving video, see a large variety of laser engraving applications demonstrated on a multitude of alloys including tool steels and precious metals.

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Laser Engraving Boosts Welder’s Capabilities

The addition of laser engraving services has boosted this Ohio welding company’s business by about 10 percent.