Comparing 3D-Printed Conformal-Cooled Steel Molds to Aluminum Molds

While 3D-printed conformal coolant lines in steel injection molds reduce production costs and improve part quality, aluminum molds can yield similar results faster and at a lower cost.

Tool Steel Alloy For Binder Jetting Delivers High Hardness and Strength

Digital Metal and its DM D2  tool steel alloy for AM can be heat treated to high hardness and compressive strength. Offers versatility and high wear resistance.
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Exchangeable Drills and Tool Steel Holders For Faster Changeovers, Longer Insert life

The i-ONE line from YG-1 offers micro-grain carbide drill inserts, and premium tool steel holders with coolant channels that resist corrosion and wear and ensure body clearance.
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Mold Builders Call on Congress to Allow Deduction of Paycheck Protection Program Expenses

The goal of the PPP was to provide stability for America’s employers. However the IRS continues to disallow deduction of approved expenses if the Small Business Administration forgives their loan.

Ball Nose Series Meets Rigors of Processing Hardened/Abrasive Steel

Boasting a new carbide blend, U.S. Union Tool’s HGB/HGLB Ball nose series can cut hardened/abrasive steels in the 59-70 HRC range, and improves overall tool life.

Drill Series Offers Higher Performance, Speeds in Steel and Cast Iron

YG-1 drill series optimizes tool design for excellent performance and higher cutting speeds.

Stainless Mold Steel Exceeds Toughness, Corrosion and Wear Resistance

Uddeholm offers its latest mold steel Tyrax ESR for longer tool life, and faster polishing for reliable production of high-performance plastic parts.

Steel Plate Manufacturing Process Enables Easier, More Accurate Installation of Components

Steel 21’s patented process for manufacturing flat and parallel steel plates, 21 Micro Milling, holds A36/4140 grade steel plates on average 3 times more flat and parallel and 5 times smoother.

Expanded Service Capabilities Include Tool Steel Laser Engraving

International Mold Steel’s laser engraving service is offered in-house at a reasonable price.

Pre-Hardened Mold Steel Material Increases Through-Hardened Ability

Finkl Steel’s patented pre-hardened mold steel grade MD Xtra material achieves high impact strength, enhanced thermal conductivity and is an exceptional solution for deep impression applications.


Accelerated Machining for Precipitation Hardness Stainless Steel

A carbide cutting tool manufacturer partnered with a machine tool supplier to demonstrate accelerated machining of precipitation hardness stainless steel, such as 15-5 PH stainless steel.

Technology Tuesday: EMO Wrap Up on EDM, Automation and Industry 4.0

EMO Hannover 2017 was a showcase for EDM developments, automation solutions and software for data-driven manufacturing.  EDM technology is evolving through new machine designs, thermal stability, powerful generators, parts handling robots, linear handling systems and software solutions for future Industry 4.0 infrastructures.

Productivity Meets Precision

With machine dynamics, mechanical design and thermal stability in control, mold manufacturers can take five-axis machining to the next level.

Daters and Center Inserts Provide Continuous Quality and Reliability

CUMSA USA continues to provide continuous reliability and quality with its stainless steel original daters and center insert components.
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Roll Form Taps Ideal For Medium Strength Steels

Emuge Corp. introduces Innoform–Steel-M, a line of HSSE-PM taps designed for forming threads with improved surface quality, while increasing static and dynamic thread strength, in medium strength steels up to 44 HRC.

How to EDM Steel and Copper Alloy Simultaneously

A strategy for machining details when the part geometry falls across multiple workpiece materials.

High-Feed Milling Series Suitable for Narrow, Long-Reach Applications

The YG-1 ENMX high-feed mill 4 is a new high-feed milling series developed to meet the most stringent demands of versatility, productivity and process stability for today’s applications.

Steel Choice Matters for Corrosion Resistance

A free-machining stainless steel faces the extremely corrosive injection molding environment head on, improving machinability and stability.

Uniform Steel Hardness Offers Even Machinability

International Mold Steel, Inc. offers uniform hardness for even machinability and clean welds in molds and dies.