MMT Chats: From COVID and Tooling Trends to Free Online Education and A New Recycling Venture, The Plastek Group Speaks Out!

MoldMaking Technology Editorial Director Christina Fuges catches up with the Prischak family who owns The Plastek Group in Erie, Pennsylvania, and who also happens to be the original founder of MoldMaking Technology magazine back in 1997.  
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South Coast Mold Earns Water Efficiency and Green Certifications

After two months of hard work and remaining open through COVID-19, South Coast Mold has earned two notable awards.  
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Plastikos Medical Develops 100% Resin Reuse, Recycling and Sustainability Program

Since opening last year, Plastikos Medical has doubled their press capacity and consumed approximately 160,000 lbs of raw material in 2020.

Piezoelectric Pressure Sensor Variants Improve Process Quality

Meusburger presents two charge transfer versions, the single and coaxial cables with matching multi-channel connectors for cavity pressure sensors.

How to Set Accurate Manifold Preventive-Maintenance Frequencies, Part 2

The key to developing accurate and timely PM work instructions is understanding the impact of environmental factors on manifold performance.

Let's Talk Water Conservation

In a recent survey, water conservation was ranked a top concern by nearly two-thirds of respondents and 30 percent said that process cooling accounts for more than half of their plant's overall water usage.

Additive Recycling Program Supports a Cause

Additive manufacturing system supplier Stratasys’ new recycling program will impact more than just customers’ bottom lines. It’ll also contribute to a cleaner environment and job opportunities for the disabled.
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2014 Leadtime Leader Awards Honorable Mention: Aalbers Tool & Mold Inc

A rush of recent change for this moldmaker belies a long-term growth strategy that’s anything but aggressive. Key aspects of this cautious approach include strategic expansion, continuous improvement, extensive data tracking, and investments in workforce development and environmental sustainability.

Everybody Benefits from Carbide Recycling

Users get paid for cutting tool scrap while also contributing to a clean environment and the overall sustainability of the metalworking industry.

Tapping into the Energy/Environmental Markets

The energy/environmental markets are broad and burgeoning for Mack Molding.

Treatment and Disposal of Used Metalworking Fluids

With greater emphasis on fluid longevity and fluid recycling, it is important to remember that water-based metalworking fluids are "consumable" and have a finite life.