Mold Flow and Simulation

Mold flow and simulation is a critical aspect of efficient mold design and build operations, which helps to identify problems and improvements before the mold is built. Technologies include mold flow analysis software and services, melt management technologies and strategies, finite element analysis, root cause analysis, cooling analysis, warpage analysis, processing evaluation, etc.
Figure 1

7 Key Advantages of Hot Runner Systems

While both hot runner and cold runner systems have their benefits, for design flexibility as well as reduced cycle times and costs, hot runner systems will probably be the better choice.


The Effect of Pressure and Temperature on Part Quality and Dimensions

Injection molding is a complex system of machinery, fluid dynamics, and thermal conductivity. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s simplify it. Let’s break the mold down into two simple parts, the heat exchanger and the pressure vessel, and review how they can impact overall part quality and dimensions.

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