Moldmaking Technology is all about the processess, equipment and business of producing molds primarily for the plastics processing industry. While many people first think of injection molding, MMT also covers molds used in other primary processing categories such as blow molding, compression molding, thermoforming, vacuum molding and others. The manufacturing of molds can be a complex process requiring high end technologies such as CAD/CAM, process simulation software, precision 3D machining and finishing technologies. Plastic molds are widely used in a variety of industries including automotive, consumer products, electronics, medical, packaging and more. 
Brenda Clark, Francine Petrucci, Renee Nehls and Wayne Hertlein of thye Society of Plastics Engineers

SPE Mold Technologies Division Honors Two Women in Moldmaking at Amerimold

Historic honors includes the first female moldmaker of the year and only the fourth woman mold designer of the year.


High-Cavitation Hot Runners with Valve Gates

Advanced valve gate technology gives molders more control, better part quality and higher process efficiency.

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