Switching from Solid Carbide to Indexable Tooling Permits Lights Out Mold Base Manufacturing

The unique design of small-diameter, indexable high-feed milling cutters eliminates cutter breakage, improves productivity, and allows lights out mold base manufacturing.  

Enhanced Vertical Machining Center Efficiently Machines Multiple Workpiece Surfaces

The simultaneous five-axis design from Mazak increases automation integration capabilities and more rapid machining.
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Fully Tool-Changeable Electric Spindles Increase Machine Tool Speed

The iSpeed5 system from NSK America features eliminates the need for operator intervention and achieves spindle accuracy of less than 1 micron.

High-Precision Vertical Milling Machine for Part Processing Reliability

Launch of GF Machining Solutions’ MILL P 500 three-axis vertical milling machine offers functions for high precision, reliability, productivity and flexibility.

VMC Line Offers Jig Milling Accuracy with Machining Center Productivity

Mitsui Seiki offers machining center technology and jig borer precision in one machine with its J-series CNC vertical machining centers. 

High-Speed Spindle Series Harnesses High Coolant Pressures for Small Cutters

Tungaloy launches the iteration of its HPC SpinJet line, an easily adaptable tool which uses coolant pressures of up to 70 bar (1,015 psi).

Shoulder Milling Cutter Handles Versatile Operations and Materials

Walter USA’s Xtra-tec XT M5130 is engineered for processing reliability, cost efficiency and increased production.

Machine Combines Processes for Finished Parts in Fewer Setups

The Lumex Avance-25 combines selective laser sintering (SLS) with high speed milling (HSM), which is commonly called hybrid additive manufacturing. 

VIDEO: How to Machine a Football

We are in the heat of football season, so what better time to showcase how a football is machined.This video shows a model American Football being created out of 6061 Aluminium with a Toyoda UX-570 5 axis machine with a 3D offset toolpath: 0.032 dia cutter mounted in a Typhoon HSM Jet Spindle using thru spindle coolant at 36,000 RPM and 400 IPM.

How to Achieve Efficiency in Graphite Electrode Milling

A look at the technological advancements of HSM centers that provide the efficiency and quality required for milling graphite electrodes, particularly small electrodes with intricate features and thin-walled characteristics.

Maximum RPM Machining: Necessities of High-Speed Moldmaking

Mold shops will thrive if they practice an ‘all-aspects’ process to HSM, which includes the machine, cutting tool, toolholder, proper balance and application support.

Cutting Tool Selection Impacts the Outcome of Hard Metal Machining

Effective cutting tools for the HSM of hardened die steel is an effective solution to a more profitable and easier machining process.
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HSM Hikes Moldmaking Productivity

Achieving the full benefit of high-speed, hard-mold machining requires insight into tools and processes.
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High-Speed Machining of Hardened Die and Mold Steels: A Total Concept

HSM of hardened die and mold steels is a proven concept composed of several components - all contributing to the cost-efficient machining of those specific materials.

Issues, Trends and Developments in HSM

An overview of the state-of-the-art and future developments in moldmaking using high-speed machining processes for milling applications.