ERP Management & Related Software

ERP stands for “Enterprise Resource Planning.” Some of the functions associated with ERP and related management software include: Costing or estimating the time and cost of production, scheduling a job for production, and in-process job tracking, or logging each step in a part’s progress through the shop, so a part’s current status can be immediately known. ERP systems also provide a historical view of resources required on prior jobs which can be very helpful in planning new work. 
Man working on a mold.

ERP System Plans Backward to Predict Accurate Delivery

One mold builder leveraged ERP software to maximize its productivity and achieve consistent on-time delivery.


Throwback Thursday: How to Stay Out of the ERP Trap

“Soft areas” in moldmaking are a real challenge, meaning shop floor management, MRP, ERP, scheduling software, program management, quoting software—especially as Industry 4.0 takes off. With that in mind, here is a look back at the ERP issue.


Fully-Automated Shop Scheduling is Reality

InFocus Scheduling from R.E.R. Software makes fully automated scheduling in the shop a reality.

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