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Wire EDM Module Streamlines Programming Process

HCL CAMWorks module offers a single-click model-to-G-code functionality, enhanced feature recognition for non-planar geometry, automatic angular wire threading and more.


Encoder Interface Enables Improved Machine Motion Control

The Heidenhain EnDat 3 interface is now available in ExI 1100 rotary encoders and offers users additional advancements.

Design & Mfg. Software

CNC Machine Technology Package Targets Motion Control and Workpiece Quality

Siemens introduces Sinumerik One Dynamics, a three-variant package for its Sinumerik One CNC control system, offering more efficient programming and execution of CAM-generated CNC programs.


Digital CNC System Enables Machine Tool Building Simulation Capabilities

Siemens’ digital native CAD system, Sinumerik One, enables mapping of the entire machine tool development process, with creation of a universal digital twin for product and production.

Design & Mfg. Software

CAD/CAM Software Suite Enhancements Optimize Machine Tools and Molds

Latest hyperMILL 2021.1 CAD/CAM software suite updates offers several innovative features for efficient 3D, 5-axis and mill/turn machining

Design & Mfg. Software

Digital Twin Software Update Enhances Functionality

NCSIMUL 2021 from Hexagon Production Software further increases shop-floor productivity and reduces manufacturing costs with improvements to detecting excess material, setup editing and wear on cutting tool simulation.

Design & Mfg. Software

ESPRIT Probing Cycle Option Improves CAM Software Setup and Accuracy

While probing is not new for DP Technology’s ESPRIT CAM software system, new features enable more versatility, part consistency and quality.

Design & Mfg. Software

Faster WORKNC Delivers on Performance

The Hexagon WORKNC 2021 software release offers faster toolpaths and a simpler user experience for improved productivity. 


EDGECAM 2021 Software Ensures Faster Waveform Roughing Functionality

The updated CAD/CAM software from Hexagon Production Software boosts customer productivity with lower computer-processing time and faster toolpaths.

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Mold and Die CAD/CAM Software Offers Productivity Enhancements, Time Savings

Hexagon’s VISI 2021 software offers a range of new and enhanced functionality features under its CAD, Mold, Progress, CAM, Simulation and Wire Function capabilities.