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Published: 6/10/2019

Aluminum Mold Plate Materials to Be Featured at Amerimold

Clinton Aluminum to feature a variety of aluminum plate options for molds and plans for expansion.

Published: 11/13/2018

Steel Resists Wear from Abrasive Resins, Extends Tool Life

DC53 is a fully hardenable mold steel from International Mold Steel that withstands wear from abrasive resins.

Published: 10/18/2018

Modified Remelting Process Improves Material Purity

Edro says that M333 Isoplast is produced using an optimized chemistry, a modified production process and the latest steel re-melting technology known as Pressure Electroslag Remelting (PESR).

Published: 10/16/2018

Technical Specialist Helps Customers Choose Ideal Alloy

Technical representatives from Ellwood Specialty Steel are available to assist customers in choosing the most suitable aluminum or aluminum alloy for a given mold project.

Published: 6/20/2018

Steel Offers High-Corrosion Resistance for Longer Service Life

With so much happening in a busy show year between NPE2018 and Amerimold 2018, MoldMaking Technology is revisiting some of the technology that was on display. In case you missed it: Uddeholm says that Mirrax ESR possesses a uniqu...

Published: 5/10/2018

Pre-hardened Steels Eliminate the Need for Heat Treat

International Mold Steel says its steels save moldmakers time by eliminating the need for heat treat.

Published: 4/11/2018

Co-Display of Mold Materials Features Wear Resistant Products

Finkl Steel and Schmolz + Bickenbach USA co-present a spread of mold materials at NPE2018.

Published: 3/29/2018

Mix of Mold Plate Materials On Display

Clinton Aluminum Steel has cast products and heavy, forged plates on display in its booth at NPE2018.

Published: 3/27/2018

Plastic Mold and Tooling Alloys Featured

Materion has the MoldMax product line on display at NPE2018 in booth W5966.