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Published: 3/1/2018

Performance and Price Drive Developments in Mold Materials

Mold material suppliers are working to develop new, improved mold-material grades that will deliver on customers’ need for machinability, toughness, thermal conductivity and price.

Published: 5/1/2017

Defining Mold Steel Toughness

Consider grades that have undergone the electroslag remelting process.

Published: 1/1/2017

Are Copper Beryllium Molds Safe?

One study indicates that there is little risk of transfer of beryllium to the finished molded-plastic product.

Published: 11/1/2016

The Impact of Hardness

The specific alloy selected for manufacture of a mold will have the largest impact on that mold’s performance, serviceability and life.

Published: 9/1/2016

Lessons Learned with Aluminum Tooling

Developing a team business plan and making changes to design, operation and maintenance procedures help increase the chances for a successful aluminum mold project.

Published: 5/1/2016

Aluminum Welding

The use of aluminum tooling is becoming more common. Choosing the right wire and the right welding technique will produce the most effective mold repair.

Published: 3/1/2016

Cutting Aluminum Faster

Sometimes high-speed CNC machinery with the latest software can cut much faster, requiring less EDM work.

Published: 1/1/2016

PVD Coatings and Tool Steel Selection

Mold users are driving an increased use of physical vapor deposition (PVD) coatings, and this has generated questions and concerns from mold builders as they select materials from which to manufacture their molds.  PVD coatings are a family of ...

Published: 11/1/2015

A New Beryllium Standard

A proposal to set a lower exposure standard for beryllium and beryllium-containing materials will affect how the plastics industry handles and processes these materials.

Published: 10/1/2015

The Economics of Metric

Why pay extra for inches when world economics is moving the U.S. into the metric age. Will this motivate the U.S. to convert in the next two years?