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Published: 8/17/2017

Throwback Thursday: Shaving with Occam’s Razor, Part 1

You may not be familiar with Occam's Razor, but you "shave" with it every time you're challenged by a mold issue.

Published: 7/27/2017

Throwback Thursday: Codes of Conduct

Culture is a topic that comes up a lot in conversations among mold builders, so I felt this throwback to an article on the communication/teamwork chasm was worth a second look.

Published: 6/26/2017

Amerimold 2017: Plastics Exhibitors Promoted Products, Too

Amerimold had it all this year—or should I say it had MORE than ever before. While metalworking tools, materials and systems reigned supreme, the plastics side of the equation was also well represented.

Published: 6/19/2017

Learning About Machines and Systems Up Close

Amerimold 2017 had many new and different activities for attendees this year, including demos and presentations about machines and systems to help moldmakers optimize their processes and get higher-quality results.

Published: 6/12/2017

SLIDESHOW: Amerimold Technology Showcase

We’re in the home stretch! Amerimold 2017 opens this week, and promises to be exciting, motivating and, of course, loaded with opportunities to learn, make connections and have fun with mold-industry colleagues.

Published: 6/6/2017

SLIDESHOW: Technology Showcase, Amerimold Exhibitor Products

Manufacturing trends are constantly changing, and in this thriving global marketplace, it's very important that you keep up with the latest processes, techniques and applications to ensure your company can be an active part of the industry. Take...

Published: 5/23/2017

SLIDESHOW: Technology Showcase, Amerimold Exhibitor Products

Amerimold 2017 kicks off in a few weeks, so I wanted to continue bringing you the technology on display to whet your appetites, as well as some details on our new showfloor demonstrations.

Published: 4/19/2017

Classifying Mold Maintenance Complexity

Molds, and the products they produce, present a variety of challenges for repair technicians, which makes classifying each mold with a degree of difficulty (DOD) essential for efficient and proficient mold repair.

Published: 4/1/2017

Metrics for Assessing Maintenance Skills

Since the job description, qualifications, direction and goals may not be so clear, assessing a repair technician’s value can be confusing. Objective, tangible metrics are a must.

Published: 2/17/2017

Motivating Skilled Toolroom Craftsmen

Steve Johnson, president of MoldTrax, has a lot to say about mold maintenance. So much so, that we could not fit it all into his February "Maintenance Matters" column. Here are some extra pointers that didn't make the cut, but are just...