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Published: 7/10/2017

Custom Machine-Ready Blanks Are Made to Order

TCI Precision Metals enables faster finish machining by eliminating material prep.

Published: 7/7/2017

Tunnel Gate Inserts Designed for Large Contour Steps

Muesburger tunnel gate inserts save time and money along the entire production process from design to manufacturing.

Published: 5/24/2017

Modular Nozzle Design Suits Variety of Applications

In addition to the new Z14 self-lubricating guide bushing, Z1897 smart lock and H1248 hot runner controller, Hasco will debut its H6000 hot runner nozzle, which offers compact mounting dimensions, optimum temperature control and ease of servicing.

Published: 5/23/2017

Variety of Mold-Related Products on Display

DMS will display a variety of mold-related products.

Published: 5/23/2017

Electric System Suited for Unscrewing Molds

B A Die Mold will highlight the Perc servo unscrewing system, an all-electric alternative to conventional hydraulics for molding threaded parts.

Published: 5/10/2017

Alignment Locks are Off-the-Shelf Solutions for Large Molds

Designed for molds weighing between 25,000 and 75,000 lbs, Progressive Components’ Z-Series of inserted bar locks provide mold designers and molders with off-the-shelf components for alignment of large molds, eliminating the need for in-house design...

Published: 5/9/2017

Nozzle and Cylinder Lines Expanded

Mold Hotrunner Solutions (MHS) has expanded its lines of internally actuated Rheo-Pro iVG nozzles and manifold-mounted Black Box cylinders to cover a larger variety of plastic part applications.

Published: 5/8/2017

Inserts Designed for Tunnel Gate with Large Contour Steps

Meusburger has added two insert models for manufacturing tunnel gates with large contour steps.

Published: 5/4/2017

Component Allows Lifter Adjustment in Ejector Plates.

CUMSA offers a component designed to make it easier to fine-tune the installation of its lifters into ejector plates, allowing for small adjustments of about ±2 mm to the lifter rod height that can correct slight inaccuracies in high-precision cutti...

Published: 4/26/2017

Multi-Coupling Systems Offer Range of Connectors

Among the products Stäubli will exhibit are multi-coupling systems offering a range of connections, diameters, flow rates and types of locking—all coexisting on a single plate.