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Published: 9/3/2019

CAD Library Offers Mold Designers Convenience and Selection

Progressive Components announces significant advancements to an already extensive CAD Library that includes new file formats and download options with the introductiuon of its new CADalog.

Published: 7/25/2019

Cavity Pressure Sensors Ideal for Monitoring During Injection Molding Process

Meusburger offers sensors for cavity pressure measurement, which includes two types for direct and indirect measurement.

Published: 7/18/2019

Integrated Indexing Plate Drive Achieves Short Cycle Times

i-mold’s indexing plate drives, which can be fully integrated into multi-component injection molds in a space saving arrangement, achieve short cycle times and smooth production workflows.

Published: 7/11/2019

Custom Mold Base Expansion Provides Greater Customer Service

PCS Company announces the expansion of its custom mold base capabilities.

Published: 7/4/2019

Identification Stamps Offer Clear Identification of Molded Parts

Hasco introduces identification stamps, which offer simple solutions for clear and direct identification of plastic injection molded parts.

Published: 6/28/2019

Mold Components Supplier Offers Customs and Over 10,000 Standard Part Numbers

SelfLube offers a broad range of components that support the mold manufacturing industry.

Published: 4/16/2019

Angle Pin Inserts Reduce Setup Times

PCS Company’s angle pin inserts reduce setup time by allowing the moldmaker to machine while doing other flat work.

Published: 4/11/2019

Hydraulic Locking Cylinder Provides Plug and Play Integration

PFA Inc.’s Hydraulic Locking Cylinders are now available with low profile PNP style sensors designed to integrate with Switchmax mold connectivity solution.

Published: 4/9/2019

DLC-Coated Flat Guiding Stock Offers Optimal Sliding Properties

The E 3174 flat guiding stock from Meusburger offers optimal sliding properties and minimal wear because of the diamond-like carbon (DLC) coated surface.

Published: 4/2/2019

Cutting Sprue Bushing Removes Need for Secondary Operation

DMS adds Almo’s cutting sprue bushing to its range of edge gate cutting components.