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Published: 5/27/2020

Round Latch Lock Units Enable Optimum Movement

HASCO has developed the round latch lock units Z1780/ and Z1782/ especially for applications when a second parting line or additional ejector plate is necessary.

Published: 5/25/2020

Bar Locks Series Expand for Alignment of Large Molds

Progressive Components introduces an expansion of its Z-Series bar locks for alignment of large molds and multi-plate sequencing tools.

Published: 5/22/2020

Remote Validation Kit Expedites Qualifying Process

Progressive Components announces its remote validation kit, which enables tooling engineers to validate their tools remotely.

Published: 5/6/2020

Precision Machined Components Support Variety of Molding Technologies

Custom Mold & Design designs and builds high precision, fast cycling molds and precision machined components to support a variety of molding technologies including thermoplastic, elastomeric, silicone, metal injection molding, rubber and ceramic...

Published: 5/1/2020

Double Ejection Systems Designed to Control Sequence of Plate Openings

CUMSA USA double ejections systems are designed to control the sequence of the double ejections or plate openings.

Published: 4/29/2020

3D Models in Components Library Eliminates Busy Work for Tool Designers

SelfLube announces 3D models for its entire product line of precision mold and die components are fully incorporated into the VISI CAD components library.

Published: 4/28/2020

Drive Technology Eliminates Fear of Contamination

J&H Distributor showcases the e-ahp drive, a force and position controlled linear axis capable of generating high forces.

Published: 4/24/2020

Heating Platens Reduce Mold Surface Temperature Variation

Venango’s MultiZone heating platens with a control system reduces mold surface temperature variation by almost 400%

Published: 4/13/2020

Pneumatic Cylinders Install Without Removing the Hot Runner

HRSflow announces its extended portfolio of compact and small cylinders which require limited installation space.

Published: 3/4/2020

EZ Slider Eliminates Need for Traditional Slide and Lifter Components

Michmar Engineering announces the EZ Slider, which eliminates the need for traditional slide and lifter components.