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Published: 7/10/2015

The Designer's Edge: Venting of Mold Components

Venting with mold components, actions and part details is often overlooked as a root cause to allow gases to escape to prevent buildup, erosion and part quality issues. Many will try to process around these issues instead of modifying the tool to ad...

Published: 5/29/2015

The Designer's Edge: More on Venting

Randy shares how his views on venting specs have changed since moving from the tool shop to the molding side of the business.

Published: 5/15/2015

The Designer's Edge: Venting

Randy shares a real-world perspective on venting and exposes the true value of tool standards.

Published: 6/11/2014

What's "Cool" at amerimold?

Well, the new CoolCross Z99/ for one, which opens up a range of completely new possibilities for the designer when it comes to designing cooling systems for injection molds. This technology is on display on the show floor in a special setup with ple...

Published: 2/19/2014

A Supporting Role

This shop solved a critical application problem with help from a distributor in the know about potential solutions and a responsive supplier to help implement them.