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Five-Axis Solution to High Mold Surface Finish Accuracy

A five-axis vertical CNC jig boring-milling machine that offers the exceptionally high accuracy needed for moldmaking.

Mold Demo with Motion Control Technology

Motion control technology that calculates thousands of algorithms in the background to provide faster throughput.

Double Duty

High speed and high accuracy in machining of large molds and dies.

Expanded Horizontal Machining

Expandable and scaleable horizontal machining centers loaded with standard features providing speed, accuracy and rigidity.

Advanced NURBS

The benefits of advanced NURBS functionality.

Metal Laser Sintering Hybrid Milling

Metal laser sintering hybrid milling combines metal powder 3D laser sintering with high speed milling finishing into one machining system.

Mold Work Makes Five-Axis Worthy of Consideration

The business case for five-axis machining.

Drilling and Milling for Mold Applications

Manufacturing with fewer setups.

Mega-Cell: Moldmaking Automation

The Mega-Cell is a production system that ties together all available opportunities to automate and control the process.

Mold Roughing

Tolerances and finishes on the Buss Precision's molds are tailored to the specific project, but most work is held to +/-.0002 tolerance on multi-cavity components, cavity, cores and parting lines.