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Published: 9/18/2015

Twin-Probe System Follows “Pay-as-you-Go” Usage Model

Renishaw has introduced a “pay-as-you-go” machine tool probe system that features lower upfront costs, a free training package and immediate parts replacement.

Published: 7/16/2015

CMM Offers Measurement Accuracy to 0.28 Micron

Mitutoyo America’s latest Legex CNC coordinate measuring machine offers high-accuracy length measurement to 0.28 micron, making it well-suited for such applications as ultra-precise molds and components.

Published: 7/15/2015

Gaging System Adds Probe for Capturing Discrete Point Data

The Equator comparative gaging system from Renishaw includes a TP20 touch-trigger probe kit and updated EZ-IO software, enabling easier setup and automation for inspection of high-volume manufactured parts.

Published: 7/14/2015

Automated Metrology Systems Use Collaborative Robot Technology

Perceptron’s AutoScan Collaborative Gage and AutoScan Collaborative CMM metrology solutions enable automated 3D scanning and dimensional measurement on the shop floor using collaborative robot technology in addition to the company’s Helix smart sens...

Published: 7/13/2015

Workstation Provides Mobile Access to Inspection Solutions

The Creaform Shop-Floor Workstation from Ametek’s Creaform division is designed to be a dedicated work and storage unit that offers mobile access to 3D scanning, probing and photogrammetry systems.

Published: 7/10/2015

Efficient System Measures Roughness, Contour in Same Run

Zeiss Industrial Metrology’s Surfcom NEX 100 is a hybrid surface measurement system designed to efficiently measure surface texture and contour at the same time.

Published: 7/9/2015

Upgraded Portable Laser Scanner Speeds Inspection

Hexagon Metrology has upgraded all Romer Absolute Arms that feature integrated scanners with its RS3 laser scanner, said to double the scan rate of previous scanner versions and enable users to inspect parts in about half the time.

Published: 7/8/2015

CNC Video Systems Measure Larger Parts, Complex Shapes

Nikon Metrology’s iNEXIV VMA-4540V and VMA-4540 CNC video measuring systems use optical measuring and image processing technologies to automatically inspect the dimensions of a variety of precision equipment and parts.

Published: 7/7/2015

Electronic Gage Amplifier Enables In-Process Monitoring in Grinding

Marposs Corp.’s P7up electronic gage amplifier connects directly to the company’s measuring heads and enables real-time, in-process workpiece monitoring on grinding machines.

Published: 6/30/2015

Anti-Glare Coating Improves Laser Scanning Accuracy

Laser Design Inc. (LDI) offers an anti-reflection coating designed for increased accuracy during laser scanning.