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Published: 3/1/2013

Temperature Control Boosts Hot Runner Productivity, Eliminates Burned Parts

“The controllers feature a system that ‘bakes out’ moisture within the heating element at every startup. This reduces downtime—and protects the mold.”

Published: 12/1/2012

A Collaboration to Put “Collapse” on the Rise

“The idea behind Demo Day was let’s not just talk about the benefits of c-core technology, let’s build a mold so people can see up close the true capabilities of the DT Core as it molds a typical cap.”

Published: 10/1/2012

Case Study: Hot Runners

New Hot Runner System Solves Side-Gating Issues

Published: 2/1/2012

Thermography: From Benchmark to Diagnostic Tool

It all starts with a part. There’s a problem. Whether it’s a cosmetic appearance issue, or perhaps a dimension out of tolerance it’s relatively easy to identify if there’s a problem. However, a diagnosis based on that same vi...

Published: 2/1/2011

Collaboration Leads to Complete Turnkey System

To meet the special needs of this project, ICU, Husky and Tech Mold worked together to design a complete turnkey system—including machine, mold, hot runner and temperature controller.

Published: 4/1/2008

Staying Competitive Using Mold Flow Analysis

The pressure on the supply chain is unrelenting for all things faster, better and cheaper. For moldmakers, getting molds built right the first time is critical to meeting these increasing demands. But how?

Published: 1/1/2007

Hot Runners Shrink Leadtimes, Cut Costs

Standardized hot runner system allows the moldmaker to easily configure a system in just two weeks.

Published: 12/1/2006

How to Make “Quick-Turn” Your Shop’s Mantra

On top of increasing production capacity, quick delivery standards save as much as five hours per project for a manufacturer of quality “quick-turn” tooling.

Published: 6/1/2003

Improving a Family Molding Program

Synventive Molding Solutions joins with a leading automotive trim molder to expand the use of complex family molds for interior trim applications while providing consistent quality and a flexible process.