Hot Runners

Value-Added Mechanism Can Keep Moldmakers Competitive

Profine Molds™ (Oakville, ON)—a supplier of precision multi-cavity molds and hot runner systems—has developed its next generation, flip-top closing mechanism named proCLOSE™.
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Inspection & Measurement

Tools with Melt Mixing Technology Help Improve Part Quality and Productivity

Delivering a hot runner mold package that ensures melt homogeneity provides mold shops with a competitive advantage.

Surface Treatment

Extreme Tool and Engineering: Building Relationships, Fostering Growth

This moldmaker proves that dedication to its customers combined with a will to thrive in a global marketplace is the right formula to win the MoldMaking Technology 2006 Leadtime Leader Award: Large Shop.
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Business Strategy

Mold Building Without Rule Breaking

Push the mold in the beginning of the build process to discover any weaknesses before it gets to the molder.
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Business Strategy

Setting Up a Robust Process Forever

Deciding how to process a product with the least amount of part variation over the long term.

Hot Runners

Three Influences that Are Critical to Mold Performance

Analysis, integrated design and value-engineering play an important role in choosing the right hot runner supplier.

Design & Mfg. Software

Selecting the Right Gating Method for Your Application

Designers may select among four hot runner gating methods, each with its advantages and disadvantages.

Hot Runners

Maintaining a Strong Relationship with Your Hot Runner Supplier

Once your hot runner supplier is chosen, you need to take the proper steps to maintain a mutually beneficial, long-term relationship.

Hot Runners

Improving Shear-Induced Imbalance in Hot Runner Systems

Even melt distribution and balanced filling to and across all cavities while avoiding restrictive mixers is possible with hot runner manifold construction that incorporates a melt rotation design.

Hot Runners

Part One of a Two-Part Series Valve Gate Sequencing Strategies

Ways to use valve gate control strategies to improve quality, efficiency and profitability