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Published: 6/22/2020

How to Use Servos and Sensors to Advance Process Control

A servo and sensor combination that makes the mold the machine presents opportunities to advance process control.

Published: 4/17/2020

Component Supplier Ramps Up Support during Crisis

Expediting all work and supplies for Coronavirus projects is key to this mold component supplier They have first priority. “Many of our customers are in the medical field and they need support from us.

Published: 4/13/2020

8 Ways to Increase Mold Life

A checklist of molding machine settings and preventative maintenance actions that improve mold longevity.

Published: 4/7/2020

How to Correctly Diagnose Hot Runner Electrical Issues

Watch to learn how misdiagnosing temperature control issues caused by defective or incorrectly wired components can make finding root cause and solving the problem difficult and time consuming.

Published: 4/6/2020

How to Make an Informed Hot Runner Decision

A proper hot runner assessment requires evaluating and calculating key runner system variables.

Published: 2/24/2020

Digging into Data to Design Out Fill Imbalance Problems

Injection molder uses a custom runner design to reduce shear-induced imbalances and control shrink and warp, dimensional instability, and shot-to-shot inconsistency.

Published: 2/10/2020

How to Use a Conformally Cooled Sprue Bushing to Reduce Cycle Time and Ease Cost Pressures

Use of a new conformally cooled sprue bushing helped solve Midwest Mold Services’ problem with a big sprue that was hard to cool and preventing faster ejection times.

Published: 2/3/2020

Additive Tooling Goes Beyond Conformally Cooled Inserts to Simplify the Mold Build Process

Three ways that additive tooling is moving past conformal cooling to bring speed and efficiency to the overall tooling process.

Published: 1/30/2020

Revisiting Some Hot Runner Fundamentals

What exactly does a hot runner do? If you’ve been in the injection molding industry for any length of time, you might think the answer is obvious, but it is not.

Published: 4/1/2002

7 Key Advantages of Hot Runner Systems

While both hot runner and cold runner systems have their benefits, for design flexibility as well as reduced cycle times and costs, hot runner systems will probably be the better choice.