Hot Runners

Improving Sequential Molding

For large injection-molded parts, a servo-driven valve gate system can improve surface finish and part performance.

Maintenance & Repair

Using Data to Improve Mold Performance

An easy way to get a snapshot of how a mold is operating is to run regular mold scans via a hot runner temperature controller.

Hot Runners

Proving the Advantages of a Servo-Driven Valve Gate System

One innovation for improving sequential injection molding centers around the use of servomotor technology.New servo-driven valve gate systems incorporate a toggle-type mechanism that operates the valve pin position at 90 degrees from the servomotor stroke.

Hot Runners

Slideshow: Hot Runner Technology

Check out a few of the latest products in hot runner technology.

Hot Runners

Multiple Impact

Incorporating multiple-gate nozzles means smaller molds, small presses, a balanced fill rate, reduced residence time, temperature control and design flexibility.

Hot Runners

Setting a Standard in Hot Runner Design

Keeping hot runner system costs down is key to efficient injection mold design.

Hot Runners

Direct Side Gating

Mold builders and molders should carefully consider hot runner selection, as it dramatically impacts an injection molding system’s speed, quality and uptime.

Hot Runners

Controlling Your Hot Runner Manifold System

Moldmakers and molders need to better understand modern hot runner controller technology to solve processing problems.

Mold Components

The Designer's Edge: More on Venting

Randy shares how his views on venting specs have changed since moving from the tool shop to the molding side of the business.

Mold Components

The Designer's Edge: Venting

Randy shares a real-world perspective on venting and exposes the true value of tool standards.
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