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Deep Trio Drilling 4140

Watch this demo of Ingersoll Cutting Tool’s Deep Trio as it quickly and efficiently drills deep into 4140 steel.

Circle Segment Tools and Toolpaths in Action

To take advantage of circle segment cutting tools, the programmer/machinist must generate sophisticated programs that continuously present the tool at a precise angle that is dependent on the slope of surface to be finished and the shape of the tool...

Mirror Edge Chatter Reduction

Special cutter geometries exist today that are specifically designed to eliminate chatter, regardless of the application.

Button Inserts Roughing

Roughing series button inserts.

Milling in Slow Motion

Rough milling operations can take hours on large components and typically remove more than half the raw material by volume. Selecting the proper machining method for the component and machine tool creates a successful and stable system. The use of...

5X Tangent Plane Machining

The ball end of a barrel cutter cleaning a corner feature, and then the barrel cutter quickly covers the surface.

High Performance Machining Solution for Shank Tool Applications

Video highlights an innovative toolholder design that integrates special drive keys in the chuck and grooves in the tool shank to completely eliminate the creep and pull out of cutting tools typically associated with hard to machine materials.

Toolholding for Finishing in Confined Areas

Hydraulic chuck super slim types are ideal toolholders for precision finishing processes in confined areas with drills, reamers, ball mills, end mills, diamond reamers and grinding tools.

Offline Balancing of Tool/Toolholder Assemblies for High-Speed Machining Centers

Balancing tool holders can you help you make better use of high-speed machining.

High-Speed Hard Metal Trochoidal Machining

High-Speed Hard Metal Trochoidal Machining