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Published: 1/14/2019

Tax Reform: Changing the Rules of Business Losses

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has changed the way many mold builders account for their business losses. The new rules impact the tax treatment for business losses regardless of a company’s structure.

Published: 1/11/2019

How to Offer Employees More Than a Normal Job

Austrian moldmaker Haidlmair focuses on its 550 people in a very unconventional way, as it continues to be a leading specialist in building high-quality tools for beverage crates, folding boxes, and garbage containers.

Published: 1/10/2019

Today's Workforce Needs More than Metalworking Skills to Thrive

Three mold manufacturing companies share how their workforce development strategies have evolved to meet the needs of today’s industry.

Published: 1/9/2019

VIDEO: To Solve the Skilled Labor Problem, Change the Culture

MoldMaking Technology Editorial Director Christina Fuges teamed up with Modern Machine Shop Editor-in-Chief Pete Zelinski onsite at Westminster Tool in Plainfield, Connecticut to experience live the company’s unique culture, and...

Published: 1/8/2019

Training Redefined: A Three-Pronged Approach to Solving the Skilled Labor Shortage

A mold builder uses a solid onboarding program, personality profiles and learning styles to quickly and effectively grow its own skilled workforce.

Published: 1/7/2019

The Impact of Emotional Intelligence, Personality Profiles and Learning Styles on Training and Productivity

A  mold shop changes its hiring approach from one of filling positions to instead finding the right people to grow with the team.

Published: 1/4/2019

Moldmaking Index Moves Higher On Surprise Rise in New Orders

November 2018 – 55.4

Published: 1/3/2019

The USMCA Trade Agreement: Impact and Next Steps for Moldmakers

The U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade agreement (USMCA), aka the “new NAFTA” should benefit the majority of North American molders and mold builders. 

Published: 12/31/2018

Top 10 Blogs from 2018, Part Two

A slideshow of the most-viewed blog posts in 2018 from MoldMaking Technology Senior Editor Cynthia Kustush.

Published: 12/24/2018

Moldmaking Index Remains in Lower Range

The Moldmaking Index was led higher by supplier deliveries, new orders, production and employment.