Surface Treatment

Higher-Level Laser Mold Texturing

Eroded, sandblasted and chemically-etched mold textures are now 100-percent lasered at this Germany-based service provider.

Cutting Tools

VIDEO: How Can Moldmakers Benefit By Integrating Industry 4.0 into Their Machining Processes?

MoldMaking Technology Senior Editor Cynthia Kustush chats with Brendt Holden, president of Haimer USA, about Industry 4.0 and how moldmaking companies can embrace and prepare for using the tools of connectivity to increase machine utilization and overall productivity.

Maintenance & Repair

Welding Solutions Are More Efficient, Flexible and Affordable

As welding technologies advance, moldmakers have more options for repairing molds faster, cheaper and with minimal training required.

Workforce Development

VIDEO: To Solve the Skilled Labor Problem, Change the Culture

MoldMaking Technology Editorial Director Christina Fuges teamed up with Modern Machine Shop Editor-in-Chief Pete Zelinski onsite at Westminster Tool in Plainfield, Connecticut to experience live the company’s unique culture, and then digitally capture the spirit of the environment to share with the rest of the manufacturing community.

Workforce Development

Training Redefined: A Three-Pronged Approach to Solving the Skilled Labor Shortage

A mold builder uses a solid onboarding program, personality profiles and learning styles to quickly and effectively grow its own skilled workforce.

Workforce Development

The Impact of Emotional Intelligence, Personality Profiles and Learning Styles on Training and Productivity

A  mold shop changes its hiring approach from one of filling positions to instead finding the right people to grow with the team.
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Hot Runners

VIDEO: How Does Thermal Imaging Communicate Thermal Dynamics in a Hot Runner System?

MoldMaking Technology Editorial Director Christina Fuges chats with Rich Oles president of Alba Enterprises about thermal imaging and how it communicates thermal dynamics in a hot runner system, how it picks up problems that other approaches cannot pick up at all or not as quickly, and how it will advance in the future.

Mold Components

Coupler Lends Easy, Reliable Solution to Quick Mold Change

A coupler helps provide a faster, more reliable way to tie positive return ejection into a mold.

Workforce Development

Revamped Staffing Plan Doubles Franchino Mold Team

This builder of injection molds and die cast dies has doubled the number of its employees over the last eight years, boasts an average age of 44 and has 18 apprentices.

Design & Mfg. Software

VIDEO: What Does Connected Design and Manufacturing Actually Mean?

MoldMaking Technology Editorial Director Christina Fuges chats with Jamie Sciturro, Technical Solution Executive for Autodesk about connected design and manufacturing, what it means to the OEM, molder and mold builder, how it is disrupting traditional manufacturing and future advancements.