Workforce Development

A Unique Approach to Filling Specific Workforce Needs

Editorial Director Christina Fuges and Cavalier Tool & Mfg.’s President Brian Bendig discuss how the shop has successfully eliminated their mold design bottleneck by filling specific workforce needs.

Mission Complete: Die-Tech Update on Ventilator Tooling to Combat COVID-19

Die-Tech & Engineering President Bill Berry shares an internal letter to update his team on where things stand with their ventilator tooling projects and express his gratitude for all of their hard work.

Hot Runners

How to Correctly Diagnose Hot Runner Electrical Issues

Watch to learn how misdiagnosing temperature control issues caused by defective or incorrectly wired components can make finding root cause and solving the problem difficult and time consuming.

Additive Manufacturing

PODCAST: The Thinker, The Problem-Solver and The Happiness Maker Talk AM

On this episode of The Manufacturing Alliance Podcast, we interview Milacron DME, Forecast 3D and Carbon about finding the right applications for AM, investigating new opportunities and securing influential relationships to grow with additive.

Mold Components

EZ Slider Eliminates Need for Traditional Slide and Lifter Components

Michmar Engineering announces the EZ Slider, which eliminates the need for traditional slide and lifter components.

Business Strategy

VIDEO: Use Data to Be Proactive Instead of Reactive

The current supply chain disruption—as a result of the Coronavirus and any other unexpected event—serves as a reminder that it may be time to rethink the manufacturing supply chain. Data can help make that case and give you some control of the future of your business. Watch this video to learn more from Gardner Intelligence.


On-Machine Inspection Eliminates Machine Interruption

Jingdiao’s online measurement and intelligent modification technology measures parts on the machine, eliminating interruption of the continuous production process.
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Maintenance & Repair

When It Comes to Shop Safety, Think Beyond Pallets and Blocks

More often than not when touring a shop I see a unique approach to solving an everyday problem. This time it was a shop full of big, heavy molds that were not sitting on pallets or blocks across the the floor. Instead, they were sitting on top of small, plastic feet.

Maintenance & Repair

VIDEO: The Importance of Facility and Flow to Mold Repair and Engineering Changes

United Tool and Mold Owner Scott Phipps speaks with MoldMaking Technology Editorial Director Christina Fuges about its new 60,000-square-foot facility dedicated to large mold repair and engineering changes, which has improved the company's competitiveness and their future plans for growth and improvement. 

Maintenance & Repair

How to Improve the Flow of Mold Repair and Engineering Changes

A new perspective on competition, training and workflow redefines this shop’s core competency in repair and engineering changes, and charges the team toward continuous improvement.
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