Face Mill Shatters Expectations

This footage depicts Ingersoll's Gold-QuadF in action at Nova Tool and Mold, where personnel were surprised by the large face mill's ability to perform well in contouring as well as facing applications.


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“The chips came off so big and heavy, it took a shovel to clear them. They came off so fast, we had to buy bigger bins. Unbelievable!” 

So says John Novosel Jr., president of Nova Tool and Mold, about the company’s recent success with machining a large mold core on a 75-hp vertical mill. Yet, it wasn’t so much the 64 cubic inch per minute metal removal rate (MRR) that impressed Novasel and other witnesses. Rather, it was the fact that such a large face mill could achieve this rate in such demanding conditions. The application required not just facing, but also contouring, all with extensions as long as 14 inches.  

The video above shows the cutter in action. For more on the company's experience with it, read this case study.