Eliminate Chatter and Solve Finish Problems

Eliminating chatter is a great way to improve surface finish when performing CNC milling. Okuma's Machining Navi M-i detects chatter and automatically adjusts spindle speed to eliminate chatter, thus improving surface finish. This is a terrific tool for the mold/die industry.


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Surface finish problems can be profit killers in the moldmaking shop. One of the most common causes is chatter created by vibration in the CNC machine tool cutting process. This can lead to higher costs, delayed deliveries and even lost orders due to poor quality. In addition, vibration can cause uneven tool wear, resulting in poor surface finish, geometry inconsistencies and reduced tool life.

Chatter is caused by the inherent natural frequency of the cutting tool. It can be triggered by many process conditions: toolholding, cutter tooling, part fixturing and machine conditions. Typically operators try to combat chatter by combining multiple solutions, but some of these may impossible to implement due to part geometries or machine limitations. Fortunately, there is new technology available today that can eliminate chatter from your cutting processes.