Cobot in Action

The Motoman HC10 is the first collaborative robot to be introduced by Yaskawa outside Japan. HC stands for “Human Collaborative”. The prototype, with a range of 1.2 m and handling weight of 10 kg, is planned to be certified according to technical specification ISO TS15066.


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The HC10 ensures the required safety in direct contact with the operator by means of a sophisticated force/torque sensor in every axis, enabling flexible interaction between the robot arm and its environment. The Motoman HC10 requires no additional protective measures, e.g. a protective casing, thus saving space and expense. Installation is extremely flexible and suitable for a wide range of workstations.

Besides the safety aspects, the main focus in the design of the new HC10 was on particularly user-friendly operation. Programming can be performed as “Easy teaching”, with the “Smart HUB” manual function. And should the robot be stopped upon contact, it can be reactivated directly on the manipulator. The robot arm was designed to avoid crushing zones.

The new product is compatible with the models of the Motoman portfolio and features all known benefits in terms of controls and hardware. The internal cable routing and wiring, for example, ensure a high degree of reliability and low interference contours.