Advanced Tools Supercharge Rough Machining

Square shoulder milling and face milling with economy and performance.


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Square 6™ 04 Maximum performance in square shoulder milling.  Square 6 cutters incorporate trigonal inserts with six cutting edges for increased productivity and lower cost per edge. The tool offers three different insert geometries and three different pitches, enabling it to provide reliable, high productivity in face milling, contouring, plunging, slotting and square shoulder milling. Square 6 inserts can be set to true 90-degree cutting angles to create clean 90-degree walls and eliminate secondary operations. Inserts lock into place via a strong center screw placed in the same direction as cutting forces, and wiper flats optimize surface finishes. These inserts can be indexed 2x3 times for a total of six cutting edges.

Double Octomill. 16 cutting edges per insert and a new unique pin based insert reference system. Face milling with economy and performance.  The Double Octomills are 6-inch in diameter and have 10 insert pockets with inserts that provide a total of 16 cutting edges. In current operations, the shop runs the cutter at 0.125" step downs and full cutter diameter for maximum metal removal. These tools work for both roughing and finishing operations. They were designed in a range of three different pitches—Normal, Normal+ and Close pitch—allowing shops to match the right cutter pitch to specific machine power and speed capabilities, which optimizes productivity for different machines and materials.