2015 Leadtime Leader Award Winners: Raising the Bar

Winner Cavalier Tool & Manufacturing of Windsor, Ontario and Honorable Mention Dynamic Tool & Design of Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin raise the bar once again in overall innovation, efficiency, quality and commitment in mold manufacturing.
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Our 2015 Leadtime Leader Award Winners are … Cavalier Tool & Manufacturing of Windsor, Ontario and Dynamic Tool & Design of Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin.

MoldMaking Technology’s annual Leadtime Leader Awards recognize the outstanding efforts and growth of North America’s top mold manufacturers.  Each year we search for companies that have successfully set a higher standard in overall innovation, efficiency, quality and commitment in mold manufacturing. This year winners raise the bar once again. Both have instituted high technology, value-added services and an employee-centered culture, which makes these shops leaders in their field.

In addition to the video above, two June-issue feature articles cover all the factors that led to Cavalier Tool & Manufacturing's selection as the Leadtime Leader award winner and Dynamic Tool & Design's selection as the Leadtime Leader award, honorable mention. 

Finally, not all of the information we gathered about these two shops made the video or the articles. Follow these links to learn more about this year's winners: 

Winner: Cavalier Tool & Manufacturing

Strategies for Evaluating, Maintaining Equipment

The shopdoesn't settle for just any test cut to evaluate a machine's capabilities. Once it does make a purchase, its approach to ensuring those capabilities don't deteriorate is anything but cavalier. 

RFID to Deliver Material Cost Savings

This technology is expected to offer more than just flexible retrieval of any EDM electrode or blank in a new, automated cell. It will also save on material costs and machining time by ensuring that any electrode can potentially be used for more than one application.

'Menu Pricing' Keeps Work on Track

Cavalier's strategy for pricing work not only helps eliminate midstream delays and disruptions, but also provides customers with extra flexibility. 

Honorable Mention: Dynamic Tool & Design

Beyond Indicating

The shop aims to use on-machine probes to not just find zero location, but to perform full part inspections. The machines themselves have proven more than capable, but other hurdles remain.   

Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

The “ABCD” award is a key part of building camaraderie and ensuring a culture of ownership. Here are a few examples of recent winners. 

It’s Not the Kids Who Need Convincing

The president of the shop that won this year’s Leadtime Leader: Honorable Mention award says parents are more likely to hold outdated perceptions of the industry than their children.