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Five-Axis Machine Modifications Reduce Cycle Times
Expanding the capabilities of a portal milling machine reduced cycle times and improved quality of large-section automotive and truck molds.

2019 Technology Review: Inspection/Measurement
MoldMaking Technology’s 2019 Technology Review and Sourcing Guide offers some of the latest highlighted products and services from supplier companies from a variety of categories, including inspection/measurement.

ZEISS Facility Provides Multifunctional Work Setting
Zeiss’s new facility for the industrial quality and research segment of Zeiss will bring a modern work environment for almost 170 employees and a more advanced setting for customers to gain better insights in the smart age of quality assurance.

ZEISS Acquires GOM
Zeiss expands the industrial metrology and quality assurance portfolio of its Industrial Quality and Research segment by acquiring GOM, a leading provider of hardware and software for automated 3D coordinate measuring technology.

die cast dies at Hyatt Die Cast

Inspection/Measurement Software Helps Hyatt Die Cast and Engineering Reduce Costs While Increasing Efficiency and Quality
Hyatt Die Cast and Engineering Reduces Manufacturing Costs While Increasing Efficiency and Quality with Integrated Inspection/Measurement Software.

inspection system

Finding the Most Economical Inspection/Measurement Solution
Price, accuracy, flexibility, speed, efficiency and ease of use help determine the best inspection/measurement solution.

Proto Labs machines

Technology Showcase: More of What’s to Come at WESTEC
There will be so much to do and see at WESTEC 2017. If you are planning to attend, be sure to check out these products, which will be on display.

Zeiss Metrotom

Computer Tomographs Provide Flexibility with Speed, Large Measuring Ranges
Westec 2017 and EMO 2017: Zeiss will highlight its Metrotom 800, which has an extended performance spectrum, and its Metrotom 1500.

Moldflow plastic injection molding simulation

Amerimold 2017: Plastics Exhibitors Promoted Products, Too
Amerimold had it all this year—or should I say it had MORE than ever before. While metalworking tools, materials and systems reigned supreme, the plastics side of the equation was also well represented.

Computer Tomographs Boost Scanning Speed, Flexibility
At Plastec West / MD&M West, February 7-9, in Anaheim, California, Zeiss will highlight computer tomographs (CTs) designed to meet the demand for increasing speed and flexibility: the Metrotom 800 with extended performance spectrum and the Metrotom 1500.


SLIDESHOW: Technology Showcase, Inspection and Measurement
Looking to step up your best practices for verification of the molds and parts you manufacture? Check out our slideshow for highlights of some of the latest inspection and measurement equipment introduced in the last year.

Zeiss Opens Car Body and Automated Inspection Center in Michigan
ZEISS Industrial Metrology opened a new facility in Wixom, Michigan, dedicated to the latest developments for the process chain in car body metrology and automated inspection.

verisurf software

SLIDESHOW: Technology Showcase, Inspection and Measurement
No matter what size moldmaking operation you may own or work at, you need inspection and measurement at critical stages of the process to drive efficiencies and profitability. So here are a few of the latest products we’ve heard about that you may also wish to see.

Zeiss Industrial Metrology

Variety of Metrology Products and Services Offered
Zeiss Industrial Metrology offers precision metrology products and services, including contact, optical and computed tomography and form, surface and contour instruments.

Zeiss O-Select optical measuring system

Optical Metrology System Offers Easy 2D Measurement
Zeiss’s automated O-Select optical measuring system is designed to minimize operating errors, enabling 2D measurements to be completed quickly and reproducibly.

Zeiss DuraMax HTG coordinate measuring machine

Enhanced CMM Handles Increased Temperature Range
An enhanced version of the standard model, the Zeiss DuraMax HTG coordinate measuring machine is designed to be more insensitive to mechanical vibrations and temperature fluctuations, making it well-suited for use in a production environment.

Zeiss Industrial Metrology Surfcom NEX 100 hybrid surface measurement system

Slideshow: Inspection & Measurement
Take a look at some of the latest in inspection and measurement technology.

Zeiss Industrial Metrology Sufcom NEX 100 surface measurement system

Efficient System Measures Roughness, Contour in Same Run
Zeiss Industrial Metrology’s Surfcom NEX 100 is a hybrid surface measurement system designed to efficiently measure surface texture and contour at the same time.

multi tip hot runner nozzles

Slideshow: NPE2015
Check out some of the technology that was featured at this year's event.

Tomograph Inspects Small, Complex Parts
Zeiss Industrial Metrology featured at NPE2015 its MetroTom 800 computer tomograph, which was specifically developed for 3D measurements and structural inspections of complex parts made of plastic, composite materials and ceramic.

tech mold

2013 Leadtime Leader Awards: Winner Tech Mold Inc.
A three-division approach, technology innovation and a grow-your-own skilled workforce allows this mold manufacturer to balance the entire moldmaking process — ensuring continued success and landing it this year’s 2013 Leadtime Leader Award Winner title.

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