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MoldMaking Technology Opens Application Period For 2021 Leadtime Leader Award

MoldMaking Technology Opens Application Period For 2021 Leadtime Leader Award
The submission period for the 2021 Leadtime Leader Award has officially begun. The prestigious Leadtime Leader Award is given to North American mold builders that excel in their craft.

2020 Sourcing & Technology Guide: Service Providers
MoldMaking Technology’s annual Technology Review and Sourcing Guide is a comprehensive guide for researching today’s technology, equipment, products and services. Introducing a brand new section this year: Service Providers.

PODCAST: What Do Rhinos Have to Do with Repair?
United Tool and Mold Owner Scott Phipps recalls “always building something" as a kid, and that continues today as he and his team charge forward with expanding and improving their mold repair and engineering change services business.  Who are they and how are they growing this critical segment of mold manufacturing? Listen in to learn. 

VIDEO: The Importance of Facility and Flow to Mold Repair and Engineering Changes
United Tool and Mold Owner Scott Phipps speaks with MoldMaking Technology Editorial Director Christina Fuges about its new 60,000-square-foot facility dedicated to large mold repair and engineering changes, which has improved the company's competitiveness and their future plans for growth and improvement. 

SLIDESHOW: Realizing the Rhino Effect
I went onsite to see how United Tool and Mold's new mold repair facility and workflow embrace the “Rhino philosophy”’ and help the team continuously improve. Here is just a glimpse of my visit.

How to Improve the Flow of Mold Repair and Engineering Changes
A new perspective on competition, training and workflow redefines this shop’s core competency in repair and engineering changes, and charges the team toward continuous improvement.

PODCAST: Rhinos and Repair
Listen in to this MoldMaking Technology/Manufacturing Alliance Podcast as this United Tool and Mold team talks about the “rhino attitude” that has gotten this mold repair and engineering changes services provider to where it is today.

Alpha Laser - US ALFlak 300 laser welder applying weld to complex mold.

Laser Welder Delivers Big on Time and Cost Savings for Small Repairs
Laser welder’s ergonomic design and functionality makes small repairs faster and easier for United Tool and Mold Inc.

Cold Jet Combi 120H

2018 Technology Review and Sourcing Guide: Mold Maintenance, Repair & Surface Treatment
MoldMaking Technology’s annual Technology Review and Sourcing Guide is an accurate, comprehensive, easy-to-read and easy-to-use use guide for researching today’s technology, equipment, products and services. The year’s latest moldmaking product developments within mold engineering/design, build and maintenance/repair are broken down into 10 sections, including mold maintenance, repair & surface treatment.

Apprentice learning to polish an injection mold.

2017: Gone but Not Forgotten
I wish to thank everyone I’ve worked with to write features that have appeared each month in MMT. Plus, a look at a series of features about one of my favorite topics: Workforce development.

Moldmakers Choose Different Pathways to Workforce Development
Mold manufacturing companies share their strategies, the challenges they face and their commitment to training the next generation of makers.

Alliance Laser Sales team with donation check for iWarriors 2017

Fun Friday: The Moldmaking Community Shows Patriotism, Heart and More
On September 15, 2017 our team at Alliance Specialties and Laser Sales partnered with our friends Tim and Kim Bartz from iWarriors and Mold Craft to host the inaugural Alliance iWarriors Charity Golf Outing.

Raising Repair Techs
Raising that next generation of mold repair technicians with a school to registered apprenticeship program.

thogus micro welding

Working Your Way through the Welding Options
There are plenty of choices in welding technologies for mold repair. Here, a toolroom supervisor and his team share some at-the-bench knowledge of them to help you decide which one’s right for you.

tire mold texturing

Keeping Molds Running
Technology advancements encourage moldmakers to think about surface treatment, mold maintenance and repair issues earlier in the mold build process to obtain better mold performance and life.

2012 Leadtime Leader Awards

Ten Years Worth of Leadtime Leaders

5 axis machine

2011 Leadtime Leader Awards: Large Shop Winner
United Tool & Mold, Inc.: Charging Forward with Unique Mold Repair Niche.

United Tool & Mold Inc

And the 2011 Leadtime Leader Award Winners Are ...
Announcing the 2011 Winners and Honorable Mentions.

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