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For a quarter century, we've made it our mission to design and produce exceptionally innovative and advanced cutting tool solutions.

MSX High Feed Endmill

High Feed Rates - up to 0.055 IPT Higher clamping rigidity due to double clamping system Available in 0.750" - 1.500" bodies with air holes for improved chip evacuation Capable of both ramping and heical boring applications

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Walter MD133 Supreme milling cutter

2018 Technology Review and Sourcing Guide: Cutting Tools
MoldMaking Technology’s annual Technology Review and Sourcing Guide is an accurate, comprehensive, easy-to-read and easy-to-use use guide for researching today’s technology, equipment, products and services. The year’s latest moldmaking product developments within mold engineering/design, build and maintenance/repair are broken down into 10 sections, including cutting tools.

Demonstrations Highlight Course Opportunities and More
RJG Inc. holds multiple live demonstrations of its products on an injection molding machine in its booth.

PowerMill CAM

SLIDESHOW: The Final Countdown to Amerimold
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Sumitomo Electric Carbide TSX tangential milling cutters

Tangential Cutters Provide High-Efficiency Shoulder Milling
Designed for efficient shoulder milling, Sumitomo Electric Carbide’s TSX series tangential milling cutters feature a sharp cutting edge strong enough for increased depths of cut in a range of applications, from small jobs to heavy-duty roughing.

mold craft amerimold 2016

Slideshow: Amerimold 2016 Preview
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Sumitomo Electric Carbide DFC double-sided milling cutter

Double-sided Milling Cutter Achieves Long-Term Accuracy, High Efficiency
Sumitomo Electric Carbide’s DFC double-sided 90-degree milling cutter features a six-edge insert designed to ensure long-term, stable cutting and high-efficiency machining with high feed rates.

Face Mills Eliminate Burrs, Boost Surface Finish
Well-suited for general milling applications, Sumitomo Electric Carbide’s WGX Wavemill series face mills feature an insert chipbreaker designed to eliminate burrs and ensure excellent surface finish.

Sumitomo Shoulder Mill for Steel, Stainless Steel and Cast Iron
Tangentially mounted for high cutting-edge strength, Sumitomo Electric Carbide’s PWS shoulder milling cutter series is designed to handle a variety of materials, including steel and cast iron.

WRCX modular head end mill type

End Mills Offer Quality, Accuracy and Affordability
Speed, accuracy and quality are this tool shop's main goals and exchangeable head end mills fulfill those requirements.

Sumitomo Metal Slash Mill

Cutting Tool Slashes Cycle Times by 75 Percent
This moldmaker reduces cycle times from 10 hours to two hours with a more durable, faster cutter that also leaves a nice finish.

Spider Mill
The SDP Spider Mill from Sumitomo (Mount Prospect, IL) is designed for high productivity face milling of gray and ductile cast irons.

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